Adding pages, page numbers, changing background color, highlighting text, and moving images in Canva docs

Canva docs is a newly added feature in Canva which can be taken for comparison with Google docs or MS Word files. But you also know it well that new things lack lot of features or it becomes difficult for us to navigate to the right options.

Many people are Facing difficulty in finding different tools for editing Canva docs page and most of the problematic things to do in it are:

Adding pages and page numbers in Canva docs: This can be done by different methods as there is no built-in feature for this.

Changing background color and highlighting text in Canva docs: This can be done by using built-in features.

Moving images: We will find a way for this.

Let’s check it out: adding page breaks in Canva docs

How to add pages in Canva docs?

First of all keep it in mind that there is no direct feature for this and that is why we will have to try out different methods.

Use sections:

You can divide long Canva docs page into sections. For example if you have a Canva docs page equivalent to length of 10 Google docs pages then you can add 10 sections in Canva docs page for breaking down the long page.

Hyperlinks approach:

This approach does not seem to be good enough. However, you can try it also. You can simply add a hyperlink to page 2 in page 3 and page 1 in page 2. This can be cumbersome but it works. 

  • First of all complete that page then tap on export icon in the upper right corner
  • Then select “Share link” option and tap on “Copy link”
  • Complete editing 2nd page and in the end of the page give link to the previous page
  • For this, select a piece of text in the end of the page and tap on link option
  • Enter the link to the previous page and repeat the process.
copy hyperlink
link back to the previous page

Page breaks:

This is the best approach to divide long page into small pages and it is quite easy to do.

  • Decide where you want to break the page
  • Tap on the “+” icon to add an element if you are using Canva on mobile or on “Element” option if you are using Canva on desktop
  • Now search for “Line” and select one line which you think is good
  • Insert the line and set it according to the page.
adding line to page

Export and combine pages:

For this you can make multiple pages and after you have completed your work you can download all docs pages. Once you have done this then you can make use of Image to PDF or Google docs or any other third party application to combine all pages and make a document file.

How to add page numbers in Canva docs?

You will have to do this manually and it is not much difficult.

  • Go to the line where want to add page number
  • Align text to the center
  • Enter page number
adding page number
  • Repeat the process for all pages

How to change background color in Canva docs? 

When you will look for the options to change background color in Canva docs then you will realize that there is no option for this but you can do it manually by:

Use background element or colored shape:

This is the best option you can try out for changing background color.

  • For this tap on “Elements” option 
  • Search for square or rectangle shape
  • Select an element shape and import it in the doc page
  • Extend the length of the page and set it accordingly
changing background color
  • After this you can select a color variation and apply filters on this page
adding colored canvas
  • You can also replace it with any other colored canvas
  • For using a specific color write the name of that color and after that type “square” like “Pink square”.
colors variation

Edit externally:

You can also use a third party application for this. You will have to export your document to that application and then you can change background color.

How to highlight text in Canva docs? 

When talking about a direct way there is no one. But there are still multiple options available for us:

You can change the color of the text to highlight it. I know it is not the same thing but it can make your work somehow. For this, you have to select the text >> tap on “Color” option >> select a color.

highlighting text

You can also underline, italicize or make text bold along with changing text color.

strike through and bold

Another option is to add an overlay transparent band of colored shape on text.

How to move images in Canva docs?

You can’t move images directly in Canva docs. However you can copy, paste and cut images from one position to another position.

First of all you have to upload an image then cut the image or copy it >> keep the cursor where you want to move that image >> paste the image there and set the size of that image to set it. 

moving image in canva docs

Another way is to leave that space blank and export the Canva doc file to any other editor. There you can move images easily.