Facebook reels comments not showing – here is how to fix this issue

If you are reading this post then you are certainly a lover of Facebook reels. It means I would not have to explain to you what Facebook reels are as you know already about it.

It is a common issue that the comment section disappears due to any issue whether you are using Facebook, YouTube or any other social media platform. 

We will not talk about other platforms rather we will talk about this issue on Facebook reels. Most common reasons why you are unable to see comments on Facebook reels may be network issues, technical problem or privacy settings. 

Let’s see how we can fix this issue.

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How to fix missing comment section in Facebook reels?

There is not a fix cause of it. This issue can be due to any of the reasons like technical issue, deleted comment section, privacy section etc. However, we will try to resolve this issue by trying different methods.

Slow Internet connection can be a reason

Slow internet connection can cause this issue. In this case comments section will not be loaded properly or it will not be shown at all and a message will appear telling you that the error is due to connection issues. You can try fixing this issue by connecting with a strong internet connection and loading this section again.

Try clearing cache

If you are watching reels on a browser then it can also be possible that the comment section is not loading due to browser cache or the page is not loaded yet. For this you can reload the page after clearing the browser cache. 

If you are using Facebook on Facebook app then you should clear cache of Facebook app.

Blocking a Browser extension

Some browser extensions can cause interference in proper loading of a web page. In the case if you are using facebook on a browser then there is a chance of this issue due to any browser extension. You can simply disable the extension to check whether comments section is loaded or not. I was having the same difficulty due to a browser extension. When I disabled the extension all was ok.

Updating the app can do the job

You know it well! All apps come with the latest updates and changes are made time to time. You should also update the app. In many cases such a problem occurs due to an old version of the Facebook app. For updating app just go to your PlayStore and then update Facebook app. Sometimes, problem persist in the app due to a technical glitch and you can’t fix it unless it is resolved by the developer team.

Privacy settings enabled by publisher of reels

Sometimes a person can block comments on his reels. In such a case you can’t see the comments. It is a privacy option which is applied by the publisher. If it is the case then you will see a message showing that commenting is off. If the person has set age restriction in his settings then you may not be able to see comments if your age is not enough. These settings are generally applied by the person who posts reels.

Other way for doing this

If the person has blocked you then you will not be able to see comments on his reel. In this situation you can use any other Facebook account to see comments. Or if the reel content is against the guidelines of the Facebook privacy policy then this issue can also appear.


In short, you can fix the issue if it is caused by slow internet connection or due to any browser extension or any technical glitch from your side. But if the issue is due to privacy settings applied by the person who posted the reels then you can’t see comments. However, you can use another account for this. We hope this will resolve your issue.