Here is how you can guess who viewed your reels on Instagram | Reels Insights

Even though Instagram came in the market after 4 years of the launch of Facebook, it has got the same popularity as Facebook has. Both of these platforms are owned by the same company. That is why people don’t compare these two platforms. Many of the features which are found in the Facebook app are also found in Instagram along with it both platforms give opportunity of cross sharing and interconnection with one another. 

Instagram reels and facebook reels are the same thing except Facebook reels are a bit shorter and came after Instagram reels. 

We are going to talk about how you can check who viewed your reels on Instagram. Similarly you can check: who watched my fb reels  

Talking about the professional dashboard of the both platforms I would like to say that Instagram provides you more deep insights when compared to Facebook. But I have not found any of the tools for Instagram insights which are free as there are many for Facebook.

First of all I want to clarify there is no specified feature to see who viewed your reels on Instagram, however you can try these simple tips which will do most of your work. 

Who viewed my reels on Instagram

Insights about your Instagram reels can help you to get most out of your work. It can help you to see which of your Insta reels are on top and performing well along with it you can see which type of audience you have.

Professional dashboard of Instagram can be helpful for you but you can also try some other ways for this. For example you can check out who has liked, commented or shared your reels. This information can help you to make a guess.

Instagram reels professional dashboard

It is very easy to use the built-in Dashboard of Instagram for checking your reach. It can give you an overview of your reels engagement rate. Here is how you can use it and for which purposes:

  • You have to open Instagram account on Instagram app
  • Then tap on the profile icon which is located in the lowers left side
  • Then click on the “Professional dashboard” option >> “See all”
professional dashboard
  • Here you will see “Insights” overview. The options which are available on this page are: Accounts reached ( showing which of the people has viewed your profile after watching your reel ), accounts engaged ( showing that which of the people has interacted with your reels ), total followers. 
general insights
accounts reached on reels
  • For seeing detailed insights of reels you will have to scroll down to the “Reels” option and click on it. It will show you all the reels that you have posted along with a number which will appear on every reel. That number is nothing just a count showing how many people have seen your reel.
reels insights
  • After this click on a reel to open detailed insights. Here you will be able to see how many people viewed, liked, commented, shared and saved your Instagram reel. 
  • By tapping on the related tab you can further see who liked, shared, commented or saved your reel.

In my personal opinion most of the viewers interact with reels by either liking, commenting or saving your reel. On the other hand you will be able to see deep insights and demographic report of a reel if you have more than 100 plays on it.   

Alternative to professional dashboard

If you are having any problem in accessing your professional dashboard then I would like to mention this option for you. You will have to open your reel on Instagram using anyone else’s account. Click on the below side of like button to see who liked your Instagram reels. Similarly you can see who commented on the reels by tapping on comment button.

who interacted with your reels
plays and likes on insta reels

It is clear who has liked, commented or shared your Insta reel he has viewed your reel but that is not all because many of the viewers do not interact using any of the options. In that case, best option is to check the demographic report in Instagram professional dashboard. 

Third party tools can help

There are many free apps and websites on the internet which can be used for this purpose. I have not tried any of those because, in my opinion, it is best to use built-in features rather than relying on outer sources. 

However, Meta business Suite is also helpful. I think Instlker can also be a good choice.

Can I see impressions or play count on Instagram reels?

Yes you can see play count on insta reels. One option is to open that reel then tap on the bottom side of the like button. It will show you playcount and the list of people who liked your reel.
Another way is to check it using professional dashboard for reels on Instagram.

Who can see likes and plays on my Instagram reels?

It depends on the privacy you have set for your account. If you have set the settings to show views instead of likes then your viewers will not be able to see the list of people who liked your reels.  
However, you can change the settings and set according to your will. 

Can I stop my viewers on Instagram reels to see who liked or commented on my reels?

You can hide who likes your reels on Instagram but you can not hide public comments from your viewers. The only option for hiding comments is to disable comments.