How to add [ Follow + Visit Instagram profile ] button on Instagram ads

In this digital renovation everyone is looking for a way to get more reach on his social media profile. Different people are using different platforms for this purpose and there is a long list full of the names of such platforms. 

Instagram and Facebook are on the top of that list. Being a very actively used platform Instagram has become a source of attracting the right audience on your digital profile. 

There was a time when you had to wait for long time to get others’ attention on Instagram but now that time is gone. Features like Facebook reels and Insta ads can boost your posts and can be very helpful in building online reputation. 

We will not talk about reels as a booster on your Instagram account rather we will discuss Instagram ads and the mini feature on these ads which will also help you in increasing your Followers on Instagram. 

Let’s talk about the way to add the “Follow Button” on Instagram ads. You need to create a business manager account on Instagram >> Create an Instagram ad >> Set up ad creative >> Add a call to action button like Visit Instagram profile button >> Publish your ad with these changes.

To summarize, the follow and visit profile button can’t be added at once. You will have to add visit Instagram profile button on your Insta ad which will redirect your audience to your page where they can follow you using the follow button.

Adding follow button on Instagram ads

As we know that we can get multiple action buttons on our Instagram ads or on our Instagram page or profile. “Follow button” or “Visit Instagram Profile” is also an action button. 

There are various types of action buttons which can be used for different purposes. Follow button on Instagram ads can tend your Insta ad viewers to follow your Instagram profile or page. 

Similarly, “Visit Instagram Profile” button tends your Instagram ads viewers to visit your profile. 

Set Instagram ads first if you have not set it yet!

In the first step we will set up Instagram ad because it is the initial step. For this:

  • You will have to open your Instagram account
  • Tap on your profile icon to open your Instagram profile page
  • Then select a post that you want to promote and run as an ad
  • Tap on the “Boost Post” option which is in the right side of “View Insights” option
boost post option
  • You will see 3 options under the “Select a goal” tab. These options are More Profile visits, More Website visits, More messages. 
  • If you want to take the audience to your portfolio or website then tap on the “More website visits” option. Enter the URL of the page where you want to send the audience and then select an action button out of Learn more, shop now, watch more, contact us, book now or sign up. When your post will appear as an ad then this action button will appear on the side of your post which will take the audience to the URL that you have entered.
action button to redirect to portfolios
  • If you want to redirect your audience to contact with you using Whatsapp or Instagram then you can select the “Send Message” option. There are also 6 types of action buttons under this tab. You can select one at a time.
action button for adding contacts
  •  If you want to send your audience to your Profile then tap on “More Profile Visits” option. We will select this option in our case.

Different call to action buttons available for Instagram ads

As I have discussed, there are multiple options available for you if you redirect your audience from your ads to your Website or your contact page ( Instagram/WhatsApp ). But the follow button is not available under these two tabs. It means that we have to go to the other way for this.

I scrolled multiple ads and found different options like contact us, read more, visit profile but there was no option like follow.

action button

You have to select the “More profile visits” option.

more profile visits option

Then tap on edit >> “add banner to profile” option >> done.

Select the target audience out of followers or Random and click on next.

Set your budget and duration for ad.

Your ad is ready and we can see it by tapping on the “preview ad” option. You can see here ad preview under feed, stories, explore or reels tabs.

In all types of options the only action button available under this situation is “Visit Profile”.

visit profile button

When someone will tap on this button he will be redirected to your profile page. On the profile page he can tap on the follow button to follow you. This is the only option.

If you have enabled the follow button on your Instagram page then your audience will be able to follow you.

How to get a big follow button on Instagram profile?

If there are two profiles on Instagram out of which one has a small follow button and other has a large follow button. Certainly, the profile having a big follow button has more chances of being followed by the viewers. 

You can make your follow button big in size and make it attractive and it will help you in getting more followers. Here is how:

  • First of all switch your Instagram account to business account
  • Then tap on “Edit profile” button. Scroll down on the edit profile page and tap on “action button” option
  • If you are unable to locate this option then you should convert your account into professional account.
  • Tap on “Learn More” tab >> under the “Forms” tab tap on standard form for selecting it >> then select any of the action button like learn more or apply now >> click on done.
  • Then go to the contact option and add your Email.
  • Then finally go to the profile display option and toggle on the switch in front of the “Contact display info” option.
  • Now the complete space will be occupied by the three other action buttons and the follow button will be shown alone above all other options in a bigger space.

If you are unable to see the follow button on your profile then you should check it using someone else’s Instagram account because it will not show up for you on your account because you are in the editing mode.

What is the difference between “Follow button” and “Visit Profile Button” on Instagram ads?

Both of these are categorised as action buttons on Instagram. But both of these take the visitors to a different page when visitors click on any of the action buttons out of these because both have a different active URL.
In the case of Follow Button the visitor will directly follow the page if he taps on it but in the case of Visit profile button the visitor will be redirected to the Main Profile page of your Instagram page.