How to always have clear mode on tiktok: Making clear mode permanent 

Everyone likes to scroll interactive videos without having any on screen obstacles. I am not sure whether I should use the word “Obstacles” or “On-screen” barriers. It may or may not to be a good selection. However, most of the tiktok lovers take on-screen text and buttons with the same sense as I do.

It is a very bad experience to watch a tiktok video with lot of hashtags and descriptive text along with the icons on the screen.

Probably, you may also feel it bad and that is the reason why you are reading this blog post in which we will talk about how to get clear mode on every tiktok video without repeating the same steps to enable clear mode again and again.

In simple words, you can get clear mode on every tiktok video but you will have to repeat the same process of enabling it again and again. But we have another easy trick for you that is: “Keep two of your fingers on the touch screen of your phone as you are trying to zoom. It will clear the whole screen in a second”. Let’s talk about some other options also. 

Tiktok clear mode: How and know of it

Talking about this feature which was added in the tiktok app in the mid of 2022. Clear mode feature on tiktok can be used to clear screen while watching tiktok videos.

When you will enable this feature it will hide text including hashtags, title and description of that video. Along with it, it will also hide the interactive icons and you will be able to enjoy the full view of the video without downloading that video. But clear mode doesn’t turn off captions. If you want to turn off captions on the video then you will have to do it separately. It is a good way. You can either watch a tiktok video with captions enabled or you can watch the video with captions disabled even keeping clear mode activated.

How to enable or disable clear mode?

It is very simple to enable and disable clear mode feature:

  • First of all open a tiktok video
  • Then either long press on the screen or tap on the share icon. I will suggest you to check out the both ways
  • Then you will see different options like these on the screen
  • Tap on the “clear mode” to enable it
  • For getting rid of clear mode click on the small icon which looks like this
  • It will disable it
clear mode on tiktok

Can I make clear mode default on tiktok?

When I applied clear mode on tiktok video I was thinking that it will work for every video once it is applied and I would be able to watch videos without any trouble. But when I scrolled to the next video this mode was not working.  

You may have faced the same problem of enabling it again and again for every video because once it is applied it works for only one video. There is no option to make it default but we have an alternative to it. You will not have to try for this anymore.

How to get clear mode on every tiktok video?

There are two ways you can do this. In the first method you will have to enable it every time you watch a video. In the second method you will not need for this anymore. That is it. Here is what to do:

  • Open a tiktok video
  • To clear the whole screen and get rid of hashtags, description and icons place two of your fingers on the touch screen of your phone. It will make your day like this:
clear mode on every video
  • If you are watching tiktok videos on desktop then you will not need any of these two options because in case of desktop or laptop this text and icons appear separately. 

How to record screen with clear mode activated on tiktok?

You can easily do this as there is no such restriction. You can take screenshots or you can record the screen even if the clear mode is working. The process is the same and you know well how to take screenshots or record screen.

How to fix “tiktok clear mode” not showing?

In most cases this issue can be due to the slow wifi connection because it can prevent all options from appearing. On the other hand in some versions of the app you can access this feature through the share icon but in some you can only access it by long pressing the screen. 

Is there any app or feature to get clear mode without using “clear mode” feature of tiktok?

Not yet! I searched on the web but found nothing. There is no app or website which can be used for this purpose.