How to Collab post on Instagram after you have posted it – editing collaborators list for more

Many people use Instagram as a source of creativity and they create content and post on it regularly. What if you go viral in days by creating collaboration content with a famous Instagram creator. Yes! You can do that with the help of Instagram collaboration feature.

With the help of this feature, one can invite others to collaborate and participate in creation of new things like Instagram reels, posts on feed and IGTV log videos.

A post made with this collaboration feature can be published from the sides of both creators. It means if you make reels by collaboration with your friend then both of you and your friend can post reels on your profile. 

But what we will discuss is: Is it possible to collab post on Instagram if we have already posted that post. If yes then how we can do it. 

In short, You can collaborate on an Instagram post, video or reel that you have posted. You can edit collaborators on Instagram posts and reels even after posting. You can either create a new post for collaboration or start a collaboration with other’s posts and publish that post on your account. Along with it, you can use Instagram’s “add post to your story” feature for this. 

How to collab on an Instagram post

If you want to start a collaboration post with someone then you can easily do it on Instagram. You can start collaboration on a simple post, reel or story and here is the simple way for this:

  • Open your Instagram app 
  • Tap on the “+” icon to add new post
  • Select a video or photos to make a post or reel video
  • After completing editing, tap on the “Tag people” option
  • Here you can see 2 options: Add tag and Invite collaborator. You have to tap on second option for starting collaboration post.
starting collaboration on insta
  • Add the name of the collaborator or search him by typing his name in the searchbar. After this tap on share.
  • The post will be shared and a collaboration will be sent to the person you have added. Now that person can collaborate on your post after accepting collaboration.
collaboration sent

Collaborating on Instagram post after posting

Now what if you want to edit the post so that you can add another person to the post for collaboration that has been already posted. You can do this but there are some limitations on it.

Editing a collaborative post on Instagram : Invite collaborator after posting

This is the first thing that we can do. For this, you have to open your post that you want to change for collaboration.

Tap on the profile icon to open the Professional dashboard where you can see all of your posts.

Open the post or reel in which you want to add collaborator.

Tap on three dots >> “Manage” >> “Edit”.

editing collaboration

Now you will have to add that person in the collaboration list and for this tap on “Add another person” >> enter the username of that person and add him in the list. This way you can collab posts and reels on Instagram that you have already posted.

adding another collaborator

Creating a new post for collaboration on Insta

The other way is to create a new post and add the missing person for collaboration. It is quite easy. You can create the same post again to start collaboration with multiple friends on Instagram. 

You just have to create a new post in the same way as discussed above and then add all of your friends in the collaboration list.

editing collaboration list

Collaboration on other’s posts on Instagram

Another option is to ask for collaboration from your friends. You can ask your friend to add you in his post for collaboration and it is the opposite of the above discussed method but works in the same way.

Using Instagram feature: Add post to your story

You can publish your collaboration post as your Instagram story and you will be able to see who views your story and interact with it.

You have to open that post and tap on “share” icon >> then click on “Add post to your story” >> after making changes in it or without making any change you can share it with your friends. 

Can you add more than one collaborator on Instagram after you have posted the post?

By now, Instagram allows you to send collab post up to 20 people. It means you can tag 20 people at a time in a single post for collaboration.

Can a private account collaborate on Instagram?

Users with private accounts can also take part in collaboration posts on Instagram. They can collab in co-creative content, cross-promote content, feature each other or collaborate in stories.