How to Create Original Audio for Facebook Reels and Customize Your Content

Original content is a key to drive more attention from viewers and creators. When you post your own ideas on social media platforms it builds your authenticity in that category and you become a famous creator. 

But it is not easy to make original and unique content. In a similar way, you can create original audio for Facebook either by trimming other’s audio from different sources or by creating your own piece of art. There are some other options also that we will discuss.

Whether you are a musician, voice over artist, audio content creator or unique content creator you can do this easily. Even if you are an editor you can do this in an easy way. Let’s talk about these available options.

How to use original audio on Facebook reels and avoid copyright

Before we discuss the ways to make an original soundtrack for Facebook reels, we will also talk about some other ways which are most commonly used by every creator on Facebook. 

Some commonly used ways to add audio to Facebook reels

Many of the reels creators rely on other ways rather than creating their own music and background sounds for reels. These ways include:

Using Other’s reels audio

This is the very common method for adding audio to the reels and it is quite easy. In this method you simply have to make a reel on other’s audio. You can either take that audio from reels or from any other sources like tiktok. This method is similar to the commonly used method in tiktok. For this:

  • You have to open the reels
  • Scroll reels until you get a good soundtrack
  • Tap on the “Try it” option in the bottom left corner
  • It will take you to the editor where you can either make a video or import a video from camera roll

Using audio clips

You can also use audio clips from Facebook audio library. It contains approximately all of the trending sounds.

  • Open reels on Facebook
  • Then tap on the “Create” option
  • Tap on “Music” option
  • Select an audio clip and media you want to add to the reel
  • You can also add voice-over on that audio clip by tapping on the “Audio” tab

Making original audio for reels on Facebook

Now we talk about our main point. There are several ways for this and each of the methods discussed below will be a little bit difficult and that is the reason it can take your time too.

Record your own audio for reels:

This is the best option in my opinion and most of the creators use this. There are lot of benefits for making your own audio as it attracts other creators to follow your footsteps. 

Either you can record your own audio on the Facebook reel editor or you can make a complete video with sound and music and then you can upload that video as a reel. 

Facebook also gives you the option to add your own audio in the reel but it can be difficult and it is not as perfect method as a professional editor opts.

Rather you should create a whole video and add all the sound, effects and background music using an editor. After your reel is ready, you can upload it on Facebook. 

Royalty free music can also be an alternate:

You can get different types of music effects and short background music clips from different royalty free audio platforms. You can download such types of music from YouTube audio library or third party sites or from internet archives.

Hire a composer or voice-over artist:

If you think that your voice is not like an artist then you can hire a voice-over artist if you can afford him. I think voice does matter a lot but in the case of reels music is more important than voice.

If you compose your own music and it gets viral then you will get a lot of benefit in the coming days. As many of the short creators who had their own sounds and music on YouTube shorts will get an extra bonus from all the creators using their sounds. That is why big creators prefer their own unique content. 

Music making apps can do this easy:

There are many music making apps which can help you in composing music very easily by choosing different effects in an easy way. You don’t need anything extra for this. Just download an app from the playstore >> pick small pieces of music and assemble those pieces to make a bigger one.

Sound effects libraries:

You can easily find out different types of sound effects from the web. The best source is the YouTube audio library which contains all types of effects. On the other hand there are many online apps and websites like epidemic and mixkit which have archived a variety of sound effects which are royalty free.  

Combining and mixing can also do the job:

This step is difficult but it is a long lasting way. You will have to install audio editing softwares on your desktop for this >> download all needed sound effects from third party sites and apps >> record essential audio for the reel >> import  all clips to the editor >> merge all these clips to make a unique audio for your reels. You can read comprehensive guides on audio editing for this.

How to add music to Facebook reels on desktop?

The method for adding music to reels on Facebook is the same for phone and desktop. You have to tap on “create reel” option >> after that tap on “Music tab” >> select a music and click on “next” >> after that click on “Audio” option if you further want to add voice over that audio.

Will I get a copyright issue if I use music in reels from Facebook music library?

Use of the music from Facebook music library is legal and there will be no copyright issue if you use music from that library because these tracks are pre-cleared for use in reels.

When do I get a copyright issue on Facebook reels music?

Facebook uses its automated content detector to detect whether you use any copyrighted material in your reels. If you use anyone’s audio specifically without his permission then it can lead you toward a copyright claim.

How to make an original trending Facebook reel music?

You can make your own original music for reels by following tips but it does not guarantee that your result will be on trend or not. For making your reels sounds on trend you should follow tips for getting your Facebook reels viral which includes a number of Factors.