How to delete Spotlight on Snapchat Easily – Favourites | Videos | Feature

Spotlight on Snapchat can be taken as the same thing like YouTube shorts or reels on Instagram or Facebook. There is just a difference of name but when we compare all these features of social media platforms they seem to be same. 

Especially speaking, YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook reels and Snapchat spotlight are very similar features.

Spotlight can go viral in days and that is the reason you can use this feature to expand your reach on Snapchat. But not all of us like this or there may be any other reason why they ask: How to delete spotlight videos. This is our topic for this blog post.

There are several misconceptions about this query and we will try to discuss them all. For deleting spotlight you will have to find out “Who can” option under your account settings on Snapchat >> “View my Spotlight posts” >> toggle off the switch in front of “Spotlight” option. That is all.

However, if you are thinking about disabling this feature then you will have to downgrade your Snap app or you can disable notifications for Spotlight videos.

However, if you have enough time then we would like to suggest you: how to see added favourites on spotlight 

Deleting my Spotlight video from Snapchat

First of all we will talk about deleting spotlight videos which we have uploaded on snapchat. Sometimes, we accidently upload a video and want to remove that video. If you have posted a spotlight video and now you want to remove that video then:

  • You need to login to your snapchat account
  • Then tap on the profile icon which is located in the top left corner
  • It will open your profile page. On this page you will see the option “Spotlight and favourites” where you can see your spotlight videos
Spotlight and favourites
  • For deleting your spotlight you will have to open settings and scroll down then click on “Spotlight and Snap map”
spotlight and snap map option
  • Here you will see the delete option in front of every video. You can delete which you want to.
deleting my spotlight videos

How to disable Spotlight on Snapchat?

If you are thinking about getting rid of the spotlight by removing the feature then I will tell you: It is not possible. You can’t remove the entire feature unless you downgrade because this feature is part of the app. 

However you can disable spotlight notifications. If you do so you will not receive notifications related with spotlight videos. For this open settings on snapchat >> click on “Notifications” >> toggle off the button in front of “Spotlight and snap map”.

Disabling spotlight notifications
disabling spotlight notifications on iphone

How to delete my Spotlight favorites from Snapchat?

When you like a spotlight video, it is automatically saved in “spotlight favourites”. You can easily delete spotlight favourites but you can’t do it in bulk by just a single click because you will have to do it for each video.

Now let’s like a spotlight video. It will show in spotlight favourites like this.

You can see there is a video which I have liked and added in favourites but I am not seeing any option to remove it from spotlight favourites. You will need to open that video again >> tap again on “heart” icon to remove the video from spotlight favourites. Once you do this you will see it is not there anymore. 

deleting my spotlight favourites

Can I delete Spotlight history on Snapchat?

First of all spotlight watch history is not saved as it is saved in the case of shorts or reels. But your spotlight search history is saved and it will be visible under the search tab when you will tap on searchbar in spotlight tab. 
For deleting this search history click on “Clear all” option >> “Clear”.
There is another way if you are an Iphone user: open “Siri & search” option in settings on your iphone >> tap on “Siri and dictation history” >> tap on “Delete” >> go back and toggle off the “Show in app library and spotlight” option.  

If I disable spotlight on Snapchat, will it stop my videos from appearing in spotlight feed? 

First of all, you can’t disable spotlight feature. You can only disable its notifications. Doing this will not delete your spotlight videos.