how to enable YouTube shorts on mobile or pc | Get back Shorts tab 

Want to get taste of a full video in 60 seconds or less than open YouTube shorts. Shorts are short videos as its name suggests. 

Shorts can be up to 60 seconds long and that is why you don’t need to watch a video which has 120 seconds of intro with 120 seconds of outro along with 30 seconds of main body of the video which can be anywhere between the intro and outro. That is why many of us don’t like long videos. 

We have to wait for 10 minutes to understand what this video is saying. But what if all of this video is packed in 60 seconds. It seems cool and saves time and data. 

Now, we are willing to watch shorts but what if shorts are not showing on our YouTube app. A question rises in our mind: Will I have to enable shorts manually? Answer is: No! You don’t need to. It is enabled by default but there can be any of the three reasons possible which is causing this. The reasons are here.

It may be due to old version of the YouTube app, upgrade your app if you had downgraded it, undo “Not interested” on shorts if you had done this before.

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Enabling YouTube shorts feature on your YouTube app

If you are using updated Youtube app then you don’t need to enable it manually. You can easily start watching shorts by tapping on the shorts icon in the bottom line.

There can be any reason responsible for this if you are having problem in getting shorts feature.

1st thing is to update YouTube app

It is obvious that if you are using old version of youtube app which is more than 2 years old then it is clear that you will not be able to access shorts because shorts are not enabled yet on your app.

I do remember when I was unable to see remix feature on shorts. When I updated my app this problem was solved.

If that is the case then you need to update your app. Just open playstore and update youtube app. You should enable auto update to avoid such issues in future. 

Get shorts enabled on your YouTube app if you disabled them in the past

If you have disabled shorts in the past by downgrading Youtube app, using vanced youtube app or sideloading older version of the app then you will not be able to see shorts anymore.

In general these are the three methods which are commonly used for getting rid of shorts on YouTube.

If you had applied any of these then you can get shorts enabled easily by reversing your process.

If you have downgraded or sideloaded an older version of the app then you should upgrade the app to the latest version.

Reverse “Not interested” or “Don’t recommend channel” for shorts

Sometimes we apply the “not interested” or “Don’t recommend channel” feature to get rid of certain types of shorts. In such a situation this feature will remain but you will not be able to watch those specific shorts.

not interested in shorts

You can reverse this action if you know the channel name. Open that channel and like some of the shorts on it.

How to fix if YouTube shorts are not showing?

You should update the app first of all. If shorts are not loading then you should switch your internet connection and try VPN if this does not work. 

How to enable or disable comments on youtube shorts?

enabling or disabling comments

First of all you should make it clear that your shorts are not private. If these are private then turn them to public in the settings.
Now open settings on your YouTube channel then tap on “Community” >> “Defaults” option >> click on “allow all comments” for enabling comments on shorts and for disabling click on “Disable all”.

How to enable shorts on TV?

Shorts feature is not going to work on TV devices which are older. However, it may work on some old TV sets. 
You just have to open YouTube app on TV >> Scroll down until you see the shorts shelf there. Another way is to search for a creator’s channel on YouTube app on TV and then navigate to the shorts shelf for watching shorts.