How to fix Facebook page quality violations | Try these tips and suggestions

Quality of the content shared across different platforms matters a lot as it defines the true value of the publisher. Whether it is a blog post shared on a website, a video uploaded on YouTube or any post published on a Facebook page, the health of the content is an important factor for ranking.

In short the health of a Facebook page is measured by Facebook page quality. Page quality from green to red indicates bad quality whereas page quality from red to green is a good sign of Facebook Page health.

To fix page quality violations on Facebook you should stop uploading spammy content, violations of policies for advertising, Misleading posts and invalid  promotion of your Facebook page. Once you have deleted your posts which are causing these violations then you can submit a request to the Facebook team.

In this article we will discuss Facebook Page quality, quality violations and some tips to increase the quality of a Facebook page.

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What you need to know about Facebook Page quality

Facebook page quality is a term which defines your Facebook Page health and it is determined by different factors. Some of those factors include:

  • Content shared on your Facebook page
  • Content suggestions
  • Facebook community standards
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Events and representation

Etc. These common factors decide where your Facebook page quality falls between the Green and Red limit. 

Facebook Page quality violations

If your content which you have uploaded on your page is going against defined rules then your page is violating the rules which may lead your fb page health Yellow to Red.

Facebook page quality does not depend upon a single factor rather it is determined by various factors and if you are posting the content on your page that is click baiting or misleading then it may lead toward Facebook Page quality violations.

Reasons of Page quality violations

Some common reasons for such violations are:

  • Low quality content shared on your page which is rated by third party fact-checkers.
  • Content which seems to be clickbait for attracting an audience.
  • Content which has been copied from other sources and shared on the page.
  • Content shared on a page which is deceptive and misleading.
  • Unsuggestion-able content which does not meet fb page standards.
  • Community standards (Authenticity, Safety, Privacy, Dignity) violated.
  • Content that is not allowed to share.
  • Content which needs additional consent of the viewers uploaded without providing additional information. 


According to Meta the duration of the Facebook page quality violations is 1 year and all the strikes and violations will disappear after one year of activation.


If you are receiving strikes on your Facebook page constantly then it may lead fb page quality to be Red and after that you will lose the control on your page. I mean you will not be able to handle it anymore. 

That is why you should run a page according to the Facebook page policies to avoid such impacts.

Different scores of fb page health

Facebook page health is shown with the help of a loading line as you can see below:

Facebook Page quality

It can be:

  • Facebook page quality between Green and Yellow
  • Facebook page quality between Yellow and Red

Content on the page which is against Meta community standard will lead fb page health from green to yellow and then yellow to green. These are the three scores for page quality.

How to fix fb page quality

Before we discuss how we can fix bad fb page quality let’s have a look on some suggestions to keep the health of Facebook page good:

  • Don’t upload the content which is against Facebook community guidelines
  • Don’t publish misleading and fraudulent content 
  • Prevent event down situations
  • Only publish fact based relevant and healthy content
  • Try fixing strikes on your page to avoid serious problems

Increasing Facebook page quality from bad to good

To get your Facebook page quality in green you will have to request for the removal of violations on your page. The process is very simple:

  • First of all open your Facebook page for which you want to fix the issue
  • Click on “More” option found in the upper right corner in the fb app
  • Fix Facebook page quality violations
  • Fix Facebook page quality
  • Here you can see the violations on your page. Take screenshots of these violations
  • In the “Page Control tab” click on the “Page quality”
  • Fix Facebook page quality violations
  • Now go back to main menu and scroll for “Report a Problem” option
  • Here you have to select “Pages” option
  • Enter the request explanation in the next section and upload those screenshots here
  • After you have completed the process, click on “Send” to submit request.

Always keep in mind that you have to remove the content which is against community guidelines before submitting a request for removal of the violations. It may take a few days to week for your request to complete.  

Facebook page quality from red to yellow and yellow to green

Your page quality may be in the yellow region due to uncomplete fb page settings also. So you should finish setting up your Facebook page.

And for shifting page quality yellow to green you have to appeal and report for the issue with the screenshots of the violations after removal of the bad content from your page.

How can I check Facebook Page Quality?

To check Facebook page quality in new page experience:
First of all open your Facebook page
Go to page settings
In the “New Page Experience tab” click on “Facebook page quality”
Here you will be able to see page health along with the violations on your page.

How long does fb page quality violation last? 

Facebook Page Quality violations last for 1 year but you can get rid of these violations in some weeks by reporting requests on page and removing violating content.

What are different scores for Facebook Page Quality?

There are 3 scores for Facebook page health. These scores are Green, Yellow and Red. As your score moves from Green to Red it means that your page health is going to be bad.