How to reset YouTube shorts feed and get your favourite results                                                      

If you are new to YouTube shorts then you may have liked watching shorts. Similar to tiktok videos, Facebook reels and Instagram reels, YouTube shorts are amazing short videos.

Many people want to solve their problem in less time and that is what shorts do. YouTube shorts cover an idea in less than 1 minute duration. 

Sometimes, our shorts feed shows the shorts in which we are not interested and we want to change it. That is what we will talk about in this article. We will discuss how we can reset YouTube shorts feed. 

Simple way for changing YouTube shorts feed is that you should start engaging in specific types of shorts like sharing, liking and subscribing. 

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How to reset YouTube shorts feed?

Before we reset our shorts feed on YouTube, we should know how YouTube decides to show a specific type of shorts on our YouTube app.

How does YouTube decide which shorts to show?

There are multiple factors on which your feed is updated. These factors include your search history, your watch history, your interaction and watch interest.

In the start YouTube shows you a mix of all types of shorts. When you watch certain types of shorts and interact with these shorts by liking, commenting, subscribing, sharing then AI system of YouTube suggestions starts showing you that type of shorts. This is how YouTube shows you specific types of shorts.

Changing YouTube shorts feed

For changing shorts feed on YouTube so that you can see other type of shorts rather than you are currently seeing in your feed, you will have to complete these steps:

Clear YouTube shorts history

In the first step we will clear our watch history for YouTube shorts and then we will clear our interaction with the shorts we don’t want to get in our shorts feed. For this:

  • Open your YouTube app 
  • Tap on your Profile pic which is located in the upper right corner
  • Tap on “Your data on YouTube” option
  • Scroll down and tap on “Manage Your YouTube watch history”
  • Tap on “Delete” and set the custom range for which you want to delete it.
clearing search history
  • Now go back to the previous page and tap on “Manage your YouTube Search history”
  • Set a range for it and delete it.
clearing history
  • Now go to “Interactions” and delete your interactions history which you think is not important.
clearing interactions

Now this step is almost done.

Start watching and interacting with new shorts in which you are interested

Now all of your history is cleared and you can set the YouTube shorts feed. Now search for specific types of shorts videos on YouTube and interact with these shorts by giving likes, writing comments or pressing subscription button.

After a little bit of time you will see these shorts in the shorts feed. Another important thing is that YouTube also shows you shorts of the channels you have subscribed to, so I would suggest you subscribe to that specific channel in which you are interested. 

Can you set the video feed on YouTube using this method?

Yes! This method will also work for long videos as it works for shorts. Simply, deleting history, interactions and unsubscribing will stop previous videos from appearing in your feed. After that subscribing, watching and interacting with new videos will help you in refreshing the feed. 


Above we have discussed how you can set shorts recommendations by clearing history, interactions and subscription. Further searching and interacting with new categories of shorts will also help you to get newer feed.