How to start video editing on CapCut –  Step by step guide on where to start and end 

If you are a video editor or like to edit videos then you will have to use video editing apps and softwares. There are various video editing softwares and programs that you can use for editing but some of those apps are easy to use while some apps are very difficult to use.

Video editing using a professional software like Adobe Premium can be difficult for noobs. Such types of programs have many features for editing and you need some extra knowledge of editing in such a case. 

But what about Capcut! CapCut is a famous video editor which is easy to use as Canva is. I personally tried it for editing even though I did not know basics of video editing. 

Many people are using CapCut app. When I checked the stats of users I was amazed to see that this app has been downloaded by 500+ Million people from PlayStore. Its overall users can be more than this number. 

In this blog post we will talk about how to use capcut for video editing. 

Getting started with CapCut video editor

First of all we will install capcut app on our phone. You can download it from Google PlayStore or from the IOS store. You can also download this application for use on Desktop PC or laptop. The way is to use the application on online site.

Once you have downloaded the app then you will have to create an account and this is quite easy.

Now our app is ready for use.

Starting a new project in Capcut

When you will open the app an option “New Project” will appear. Tap on that option and select multiple images and videos which you think are useful in your project and then tap on “Add”. Now you can make changes in this project.

All the options which I am able to see in front of me are:

  • Edit
  • Audio
  • Text
  • Stickers
  • Overlay
  • Effects
  • Filters
  • Format
  • Canvas
  • Adjust
  • Redo and undo
  • Mute clip
  • import/export
  • Resolution and framerate
editing in capcut

We will discuss all of these one by one:

Editing as a beginner

In this section you can:

Split: Split option is for splitting a video section. When you click on it, it will add a split icon on the video. When you click on that icon it will show you different transition options and you can apply one.

Speed: This option is used for speeding up a specific part of the video. For applying this:

  • Place the editor line on the section where you want to change video speed
  • Tap on the “Speed” option
  • Select an option out of montage, hero, bullet, jump cut, flash in, flash out or custom.
speeding up in capcut

Animation: In this option you can apply an animation to transit the video. Here you will be able to see many templates for this and three main options In,Out and combo. You can also set the duration for the animation.


Style: This option is mainly used in photo editing but in case of video editing you can try “Portrait” and “Scene swap” option here. 

Delete: “Delete” option in “edit” option is used to delete a specific part of the video. If you want to delete a section of the video then split the section and then tap on “Delete” option. It will delete that part of the video.

Lock on: if you want to lock the screen on a single object or person then this option will help you for doing this. But don’t forget to split the part of the video where you want to apply this effect otherwise it will lock-on complete video. You can lock on a face, body or hand here. 

lock on capcut feature

Cutout: Using this option you can remove the background from a specific part of the video. You will find here options like Remove background, customized cutout and chroma key. Just pick an object to remove from the video and apply these options.

Volume:  Here you can change the volume between 0 to 1000 points. Normally it is set to 100. You can raise or lower its value for a specific part of the video.  

Extract audio: this option is basically for editing audio part of the video. You can extract the audio from the video and make changes in it or you can use this extracted audio in combination with the other audio pieces. You can add different sounds and effects. You can also add a recording in this section. 

Edit: In this option you will be able to apply mirror, rotate and crop effects. Mirror option will shift the video posture and crop will help you in cropping the background and front of the background. 

Filters: here you will find a large variety of filters to apply on the video. Just select a filter to apply and then adjust it according to your desire. You can find different options for adjusting these filters in “adjust” option.

Enhance: This is an AI feature which will detect the part of the body and make changings in it according to your will. You will find features like face, parts of face and makeup there. This option is basically for increasing the beauty of the face in the video.  

Mask: In this option you can set the part of the video in a shape like strip, circle, rectangle or star. Further you can invert the shape of the applied mask here. 

Overlay: You can add multiple video overlays using this option like running multiple videos in the same screen. Further you can move one frame over the other using this option.

Replace: Using this option you can replace a part of the video or whole video with a different one. 

Reduce noise: This option will help in reducing background noise but I don’t recommend this noise remover because it is not much efficient. You can try adobe noise reduction software for this. 

Voice effects: Is used for adding voice effects. You can add small voice effects like cheering, laughing etc. here you can find a huge variety of sound effects.  

Copy: Is used to copy a part of the video. You can add multiple copies to repeat the video again and again. For this you have to split the part of the video and then make a copy of that part in the video. 

Reverse: Feature is used for reversing the audio. Just select a part of the video or audio and tap on “Reverse” option to apply.

reverse feature

Freeze: To freeze a section of the video or to freeze one frame out of others you can apply this feature. 

Graphs: This option will help you in editing transitions easily with help of graphs. You can adjust transitions easily using this feature. 

Audio options: You will find options like sound, effects, extracted and record here. First option will give you a variety of different sounds available and the second option will give you a wide variety of sound effects to add in the audio section of the video. Further you can add recorded sound using record option.

Text option: first of all tap on the “Add text” option to add text box then write the text and set fonts and effects on the text. You can also add stickers. 

You can add captions or lyrics using “Auto captions or auto lyrics” option but it does not work in many languages as this feature is available in few famous languages.

Further you can add text templates and draw text using this feature. 

Formats: If you want to change the video format to any other different ratio then you can select any out of 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 2:1, 5.8”, 2.35:1, 3:4, 1.85:1. 

Canvas: If you have a video in 9:16 ratio but its background is of 16:9 then you can add Canvas on the side background for better view. You can also use the video background in the canvas by adding a blur effect in the canvas.

Adjusting video: You can adjust your complete video or a part of it by changing brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, sharpen, HSL, shadow, temperature, hue, fade, vignette, grain etc. There are many options available in this section and you can apply some or all of these for better video results. 

How to reverse audio in Capcut?

For reversing audio or video in Capcut you will have to go to “Reverse” feature which is located in the “Edit” option. Just pick a part of the video or audio and tap on this option.

How to add green background in capcut?

You can use different ways for this but I would like to use this by removing the background in the cutout option. Once you have removed the background then you can add a green color canvas on the background.


Above we have discussed the most common editing features which will help you in editing a video on CapCut. We hope this article will be helpful for you.