How to Stop Someone from Seeing Your Posts on Instagram Without Blocking: Take Control of Your Privacy on Instagram

Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram or any other social platform, privacy matters a lot.

 You share different types of content on Instagram and often you are not in a position to show your content to some of your followers or friends and that is the time when a question arises in your mind which is: Can I stop someone from seeing my post without blocking him? 

And a tech geek like me answers: Yes! You can do it easily and there are several ways you can hide a post from someone on Instagram without the person being blocked.

Some options for you to hide a post from someone on Instagram include: making your profile private,  muting and blocking the person, editing privacy in settings, removing the person from followers list or archiving the post. 

Let’s discuss in depth how all of these options work and how to stop someone from seeing your posts on Instagram without blocking.

How do I stop someone from seeing my Instagram posts without blocking?

We are often in a situation where we need to hide our content from some people on Instagram. At such a time we look for different options to hide our posts and some of the ways go wrong and we block our beloved on Insta. That is not all, as you have other options too. We brought amazing tips to know when you blocked someone on Instagram , you should check it also.

Muting, blocking or removing that person is not the only option you have 

You can hide a post from someone on Instagram by blocking or removing that person from your followers list and many of the users do this because they are not familiar with the other options they have.

Make your Instagram profile private 

This is quite simple and it will also help you in hiding your content from the public. You can follow these steps to do this:

  1. Open Instagram account
  2. Open settings and then tap on “Privacy” option
  3. Click on “Private account” and then tap on “Switch to private” for confirmation.

 Private Insta account does not mean that no one outsider can DM you or tag you. But outsiders will not be able to see your content. Only your followers which are approved by you will be able to do this.

Archiving the post on Instagram

Archived posts on Instagram will be hidden from all outsiders even if they are your followers. Only you can see your archived posts on Instagram. To see archived posts:

  1. Tap on profile icon
  2. Tap on three dashed lines in the upper right corner
  3. Click on “Archive” 
archiving posts on Instagram

You can see archived stories, posts and lives in this section. Further you can set your story archive to automatic mode. Doing this will store all your stories in the story archive which will not be visible to anyone other than you.

Limiting audience using Privacy settings

In the privacy settings we can apply different settings which will help us to maintain our privacy. 

Here is a list of options found in the privacy tab:

  • Limit: this option will help you to limit others’ interaction with your account. You can set a period for this.
  •  Hidden words: I think this option will be suitable for applying as it has an option in the last “Hide posts”. You can define custom words for which you want to hide related posts.
defining hidden words
  • Story: here in this option you can hide some people from viewing your story and you can also define your friend list to show your story to them.
  • Live: you can hide live from certain people in this section.
hiding Live
  • Guides controls: you can define whether other can use your posts on their guides or not.

Further you can restrict someone from watching your posts by adding him in the restricted list.


How to hide posts on Instagram without deleting?

Archive feature on Instagram will hide your posts from all other people. Once you have archived a post, story or stream then you can see it whenever you want and no one, even your followers and close friends will be able to see archived posts.

Does stricting on Instagram hide posts?

Restricting someone on Instagram does not imply that he will not be able to see your stories and posts. 
Restrict feature on Instagram only allows you to hide comments and conversation from others outside of the conversation. It means only you and that person will be able to see comments or interactions between you and him.

Can I hide my Instagram posts from a single person?

Yes! There are several ways you can hide a post on Instagram from a single person and we have discussed above different possible methods you can do this.

Can I see if someone views my posts on Instagram anonymously?      

Well! By now there is no way someone can view your posts on Instagram anonymously. As there is no option available in Instagram which allows it.
On the other hand you can’t even use third party tools for this. So if anyone can’t see your Insta posts anonymously then how you can.