How to turn off automatic SharePlay on Spotify – 3 ways for you

Spotify is a very famous and mostly used music streaming social media platform for music lovers. On the other hand FaceTime is famous for making free video calls and for going on live with your distant friends or family.

How cool it will look when you will be able to be on a call along with Spotify podcast or playlist running in the background. 

Yes! It is quite possible to share your listening with others using the SharePlay feature of FaceTime.

But not everyone likes to have it on. That  is why we will talk about turning off automatic SharePlay on Spotify.

You can either click on the SharePlay button and turn it off for Spotify or you can stop shareplay feature for spotify in the settings.

Spotify automatic sharePlay on Facetime

In fact Shareplay is not only for spotify. Shareplay is a feature which was introduced in the Facetime app and this feature is not much old. You can say that it is quite new feature which can be used to share what you are playing while you are on the Facetime call with someone.

This intent of the feature can be driven from its name also “Share + Play” which means sharing your content with what is being played.

You can shareplay games, audios and videos using this feature. You just have to make sure that the app is supported by Facetime SharePlay.

Some of the famous applications which are supportive to it are:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Apple TV
  • Zillow
  • Disney +
  • Apple music 
  • Twitch and more.

Now coming towards automatic Shareplay on Facetime while you are using Spotify, all of your friends who are with you on Facetime call must have a compatible device which supports SharePlay.

  • Start a call on Facetime with your friends or family members or with any other
  • Open your Spotify app while you are on the call
  • Play a song or playlist
  • A shareplay pop up will appear on the upper side. You will have to click on it
  • Your friends will also be prompted to join the session. Now everyone on the call can enjoy Spotify.

Turning off automatic shareplay on Spotify

First of all I would like to tell you that only spotify premium users will be able to use SharePlay session. Anyone in the session can control and adjust the songs accordingly and he can leave the session whenever he wants. 

When you start a Facetime call and open Spotify while being on call then automatic SharePlay will start a session for Spotify on Facetime.

Not everyone wants to automate this feature that is why we need to turn off automatic shareplay for Spotify. Here is how you can:

First method: Turn off Autoplay on Spotify app

For doing this you will have to open your Spotify app 

Tap on gear icon in the upper right corner to open settings

spotify settings

Scroll down and then toggle off the switch in front of “Autoplay” option which is under the Playback tab

turning off shareplay on spotify

Now autoplay is turned off for Spotify

Second method: Open Settings on your phone

If you are using iPhone then you will have to open settings on your phone

Scroll down and tap on “FaceTime” option

Now click on “SharePlay” option

turn off shareplay on facetime

It will open the list of all apps which are enabled for automatic SharePlay. You need to toggle of the green button in front of “Spotify” tab

Third method: Don’t open Spotify during Facetime call

If you don’t want to use any of the above 2 methods then you will have to be cautious. I mean you can stop yourself from listening songs while you are on call or you can cancel SharePlay by tapping on the pop up which will appear on the top corner and tap on the “leave button” when you will open Spotify.

stoping shareplay on facetime call

Difference between Spotify autoplay and shareplay

Both of these are different features. SharePlay is basically a built- in feature in the Facetime app and used for sharing your music, audio, video or gaming type content with your friends on FaceTime call.
While Autoplay is a built-in feature in the Spotify app. Which starts a new song or playlist when your first listening playlist or song ends. 

SharePlay not turning off on Spotify: Here is how to fix it

You may have not found the right settings that is why it is causing this problem.
First of all keep in mind that you can either leave a SharePlay session by tapping on the leave button on the Spotify or you can turn off autoplay in the settings for your facetime app by turning off shareplay.
Another problem which can cause this issue is slow internet connection or any problem within the app. You can fix these problems by updating the app and switching between your connection.