How to turn off smart shuffle on Spotify for permanent – Nope for free!

Do you like listening music and podcasts on Spotify? If yes then you are not the only person. There are many lovers of Spotify. It has become a famous streaming platform for streamers and listeners. 

You can play songs in a playlist and enjoy random songs using smart shuffle on Spotify as it is a good way to find new music. But if you like order in things and avoid randomness then you can turn this feature off to enjoy the playlist order. 

In this article we will view how to turn off smart shuffle on Spotify permanently. The process is a bit different for both on Spotify mobile app and desktop app.

Open Spotify app on desktop or mobile >> click on “now playing” bar >> locate shuffle icon and tap on it to turn off.

But there is a little problem for free users. Shuffle option  can only be disabled if you have spotify premium. Another difficulty is to turn off shuffle on liked songs. But don’t worry because we have some ways. 

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Turning off smart shuffle on Spotify

So if you don’t like random songs and want to get rid off it then the only option you have is to go premium. I meant that you can’t disable Spotify shuffle on free version of the app. So if you are not a free user then you can move forward and disable shuffle.

  • In the first step, open and login to your Spotify account 
  • Now start playing a playlist
  • Tap on a playlist or search for it in the searchbar by typing the name of that playlist
  • Now tap on the “cross arrow” icon which is called the shuffle icon. If you are not using Spotify premium then it will show you a pop up message “With free you can listen only shuffle”. 
turning off smart shuffle
  • If you have premium version then shuffle will be disabled and all songs will play in an order.
Spotify premium for smart shuffle

Can i turn off smart shuffle for individual playlists on Spotify?

Yes! It only works for one playlist. By default the option to turn off smart shuffle for multiple playlists at once does not exist.

Will I still see recommended songs and artists on Spotify after disabling smart shuffle?

In fact, spotify makes use of many different algorithms for making your listening experience better.  If you turn off shuffle then you will also see recommendations for songs and artists on Spotify.

Can I turn off shuffle on Spotify for all playlists at once?

When you turn off shuffle on a playlist it will work for that playlist only. If you start playing another playlist then you will have to repeat the process because shuffle is enabled by default on all playlists.

What is the difference between autoplay, smart shuffle and crossfade on Spotify?

First of all these features are used for enhancing music listening experience on Spotify. Autoplay can be helpful in a case when you want to continue with playing similar songs after your currently played playlist ends. It is good for discovering new songs. 
If you want more varied listening then smart shuffle will be good choice. In this feature your songs will be played in an order to avoid playing songs by the same artist. 
For preventing abrupt silence at the end of the songs you can enable the crossfade feature on Spotify. It will apply transitions on songs to smoothly shift from one to another.  

How to turn off shuffle on Spotify free?

If you are using spotify free then you will have to counter many limitations like some songs play more than others in random and you cannot skip more than a few songs in the free version. If you upgrade to premium then you will be able to customise your experience using repeat and shuffle features. 

Can  I disable shuffle on Spotify free using iPhone?

No! You can’t turn it off whether you are using Spotify on desktop, laptop, android or iPhone. The only way is to use Spotify premium.