How to Use 3uTools to Check Your iPhone – iPhone, Airpods and iDevice checker

From 2007 up to now, the iPhone has continuously gained fame. And why not it should get it because it comes with the amazing branded features, design and strong security which makes it cross the line. 

But it becomes difficult to choose a right iphone when you are going to select a second hand phone. As many of us like to purchase a used iPhone because it is cheap in price but it can be difficult to test whether it is working properly or not.

But you should not worry because 3uTools can be helpful to check the deep details of a used iPhone and you can use it to check your iPhone. I will test my iPhone and share its results with you so that you can also use 3uTools for testing your iPhone to see which parts are working properly.

You can check hidden details of your iPhone like serial number, IMEI number, battery health, parts information, number of times battery has been charged, sales information, virtual location, jailbreak info, crack analysis and more using 3uTools application.  

We will talk about all these checkpoints in details. Let’s check how we can use 3uTools on iPhone for testing it.

Installation and setup of 3uTools 

First of all you will have to install 3utools on your desktop PC or laptop so that you can run a check test on iPhone. You can do this easily:

  • Go to Chrome and search for 3utools
  • Start downloading this tool on your computer: 3uTools
  • After installation is completed, you will have to download necessary drivers for this. These drivers may vary from system to system as I had to install Apple mobile device support and Bonjour for this. When you will open 3utools app it will guide you which of the applications need to be installed for proper setup.

Connect iPhone or iDevice to run 3utools test

Now after you have set up 3utools, you will have to connect your iphone with the device on which you have installed 3utools software. I have installed 3utools on my laptop so I will connect with it. 

When I connected my iPhone with it, it showed me a dialogue box which is: 

3utools n/a report
  • This message shows that the cable or extension cable for connecting iDevice with the laptop should ot be broken and it should be connected properly.
  • When you will connect it in a proper way it will show a dialogue box on your iPhone to grant permission. You have to allow this.

How to check iPhone using 3utools

You will not have to do anything more. When you will grant the permission from your phone, it will show you hidden details of the phone. 

  • Just tap on “iDevice” tab and it will show you:
iphone details using 3utools

iPhone model, IOS version, jailbroken, activation details, product type, serial model, imei, serial number, ECID , crash analysis, UDID, ID lock, ICloud details, Prod. date, warranty date, sales region, CPU, Disk type, charge times and battery life. These details are just an overview.

iphone details
  • For reading full verification report of the device you will have to tap on “Verification Report” option to see full details. This option is located on the above of “Hard disk Capacity” option. 
  • Besides this option is located “iDevice details” option. If you click on it, it will show you all the details of the connected iPhone or iDevice. These details include even minor options like Cover board number, hard disk type, camera info, vibrator number, dot matrix, force reboot, cellular address, baseband version, card slot, panel color, CPU architecture, Phone number, sensor details and ambient light details and many more things like these as you can see below:

If you want to see details of a single point like as I did for checking my iPhone battery, then you will have to click on details option in front of that point and it will show you:

idevice details

As you can see here, it has highlighted each and every detail of the battery including charge time, capacity, design capacity, battery life, serial number, charge mode, instant voltage, boot voltage, temperature, instant amperage, battery manufacturer and production date. 

checking iphone battery

Similarly, you can check details about sensors, cameras, CPU and SSD. There are many options that you will see in 3utools but I have mentioned only some of these.

ssd info
processor info


Checking installed apps, photos, videos and files using 3utools

You can also check which apps you have installed on your iPhone and which of these apps are working properly. Further you can see your photos, audio/video and other files stored on your iPhone. You can delete unwanted files on it and run a scan for cleaning junk files also.

checking apps

What other things you can do with 3utools

There are many options on this software but I have already mentioned a few of those options above. Some further things you can do using this tool includes: 

  •  You can reboot, turn off or refresh your phone
  • Take a backup/restore of your data on iPhone
  • Use 3uAirPlayer on it
  • Make a ringtone on your iDevice
  • Manage iDevice icons
  • Enable or disable IOS updates
  • Transfer data from iPhone to laptop or from laptop to iPhone
  • Perform batch activation
  • Change virtual location of iPhone
  • Run realtime screen on laptop
  • Display laptop screen on iphone
  • Install and repair iTunes using itunes utility
  • Run a quick clean up on iPhone for removing junk material
  • Update IPCC operator files of IOS
  • Turn on or off accessibility
  • Check genuine accessories of iPhone
  • Edit audio tags and convert audio files
  • Skip MDM lock
  • Open SSH tunnel on device
  • Convert HEIC on it
  • Convert video files
  • Start screen recording
  • Compress files including photos and videos
  • Jailbreak iPhone and check past records
  • Print labels and IPA signature
  • Check screen time of iPhone
  • Run Face ID test
  • And take a social apps backup

Um hum! I think these are enough features for an application to cross the line. Now it is up to you what you are waiting for. 

3uTools Verification Report and N/A Status

Sometimes you can face this type of error while using 3uTools software. There can be any reason out of these. You should make all these things clear for solving this type of issue:

  • Make it sure that iDevice is connected properly with laptop or desktop
  • Connecting wire and ports must be set properly 
  • You have installed 3utools and related device drivers properly
  • You have granted permission from your iDevice

If you have completed all these checkpoints I am sure “Verification Report and N/A Status” message will not appear again. 

How to change virtual location of iPhone using 3uTools?

For changing your iPhone virtual location you will have to tap on “ToolBox” tab >> then “Virtual Location” >> set longitude and latitude points and tap on “Modify Virtual Location”. This is a virtual feature and that is why it will change the location of your iDevice for up to few hours. I think it will work for 24 to 48 hours. You can also reset it by tapping on “Restore default location” option.

How to check my iCloud details using 3utools?

checking icloud details

You can easily check it in the “iDevice info” tab. First of all tap on “Idevice” tab then click on details in front of “iCloud” option. It will show you details of all the files which are stored on your iCloud.

Can I run 3utools test on Android?

I think you can’t. Because 3utools work for iDevices only. You can test any apple device using this application but you can’t test android or any other device.

Can I check my apple airpods using 3utools?

Yes! You can test your AirPods using this tool. You can even check other apple products also using it.