Meta AI not working on Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp | Here is how to fix it!

You know well it is the age of AIs and every tech stack holder is trying hard to build his own AI to be in the race.

It all started when OpenAI launched its ChatGPT. After this Microsoft used OpenAI’s ChatGPT for generating answers as a generative AI asked on the bing browser.

After this Snapchat AI was also on the air. Then Google launched its bard and other AIs also. The race was getting tough and tough with increased competition

Meta also launched its AI chat feature on Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp and now Meta has launched its Imagine with Meta AI for turning text into images. 

This race is unstoppable and everyone wants to try Meta’s new AI but for some guys Meta AI is not working or not available. In this blog post we will discuss what the problem is and how it can be fixed.

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What is Meta AI and how it is different from OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard

Even though Meta AI is also trained on large datasets, it can’t beat ChatGPT or Bard because both are old and being old these AIs are more trained on understanding prompts.

Similarly, when we compare Meta’s Imagine AI with Dall e 3 the result is same because Dall e is old enough to understand and work according to the prompts.

But if you want ease of use, accessibility and artistic experimentation then Meta Ai is good choice.

Meta AI chat feature in Meta’s apps | Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram

Meta has integrated its AI technology with Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp apps. 

This is a new way of ease for users as they can make content in the app and use it accordingly.

Even though the feature is under development, Meta has integrated it with the social media platforms powered by Meta.

Meta has launched early access to Meta AI in two ways:

  • Meta AI chat on Messenger, Whatsapp and Instagram
  • Meta image generator Imagine AI

Why Meta AI not working? How to fix it?

Most common cause for this problem is: the feature is under development and have not been launched for all regions, or you need to update your Meta service and then launch the chat with AI by going through the right process.

Meta AI not available in your region

You may have not accessed it yet!

It is not difficult to open the chat with AI but for first time experience it may be difficult for some guys to launch the chat.

For Whatsapp:

To get early access to Meta AI in Whatsapp chat:

Open Whatsapp app

Tap on the chat icon to start new chat

Tap on “Chat with AI”

Select an AI character to chat with

New AI chat by Meta
get early access in Meta AI

For Facebook Messenger:

Open Facebook app

Tap on Messenger icon in the upper right corner

Tap on search bar and you will see option chat with AI if it is available in your region

Meta AI in Messenger

Start chat with AI

For Instagram:

Open Instagram app

Open an existing chat on Instagram by tapping on the message icon in the upper right corner

Type ‘@’ in the typing bar and then type ‘Meta AI’. Now click on meta ai and start chatting.

Meta AI in Instagram

Available with specific features only

Meta AI is available with limited features only as it is under development. You can’t access it easily by tapping on a single button. Even in some regions you have to apply for the early access program to use the feature.

Meta AI not available in your region due to regional restrictions

As it is initially launched in the US and other regions, that is why it is not available in all regions.

I was trying to access Meta Imagine AI and it showed me the Message after I logged in: “Imagine with meta AI not available in your region”. This error was also due to regional restrictions.

If you are in a region where the feature is not available then you will have to be in the line for the feature to be available in your country.

However, I will not stop you from overthrowing regional restrictions by using VPN or other techniques. You can try on your side. I don’t think it will work.

You may need an update

Everytime a new feature is added in any of the Meta apps you need to get an updated version of the app for getting access to that feature.

You may also need to update the app. For this just open play store or apple store to update the app and look if it is updated or not.

Overloading and rushing can be a problem

It is also common to have problems accessing a new feature because most of the people are making the server down by sending requests for access.

You may have remembered the time when the same thing happened with ChatGPT when it got flooded with user’s requests.

Connection problem or lose internet connection

Sometimes a page shows old data when the internet connection is poor or there is any other problem with the connection.

In such a situation you may not be able to access the AI chat.

Feature under development

If you have access to the Meta AI you will feel that even after being trained on large scale dataset it can’t answer like ChatGPT or Bard because the work is ongoing. 

It may take few months for the completion of its AI chat feature and it will be available to mass audience after that.

Clear cache and data

Sometimes app cache can cause such problems and might stop you from launching chat with Meta AI.

For clearing cache open “apps and notifications” in your mobile settings and then tap on Facebook app and click on storage and data >> after this tap on clear cache.

Report the issue to Meta

Your single report will not do the job. But several reports submitted by users from the same region can urge Meta to make the AI chat also available in your country.

You can report Meta by opening the highlighted text and submitting a request.

Meta AI keeps misunderstanding my prompts and giving irrelevant responses. What’s wrong?

It is because of the AI being in the initial stage of the integration. Once it get enough feedback and reactions from the users and its development stage is over it will become more and more accurate.

Meta AI keeps crashing or freezing on my device. What to do?

If your chat is not stable and crashing or freezing then it might be due to:
Unstable internet connection
App cache and data
Server down on other side
You can fix first two issues by switching the connection and clearing cache.

I think I found a bug in Meta AI. How can I report it?

Like ChatGPT or Bard you can also give feedback on Meta AI’s response. 
For this tap on the give feedback icon or long press text to leave a report.

Meta AI is sometimes unavailable | what can be the reasons

This error can be due to the overloading of the servers or too many requests. Or the server is down due to technical issues.
In such a situation you may have to wait for the time when there are less users.

Why can’t I access Meta AI Chat on Messenger?

For opening chat with AI on Messenger: 
Open Messenger app 
Tap on the chat icon and then tap on search bar
In the search bar type “@” and after this “Meta AI” or you will see an option under the search bar saying chat with AI. Tap on it
If you are unable to find AI chat by following these steps then the feature is not available in your region.
Similar is the case with Instagram and Whatsapp.

Can I solve “Meta AI not available in your country” by using VPN?

VPN will not work because your Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram accounts are connected with your regional contact number and along with it Meta and other platforms like Google use your location to give you regional data and information. 
That’s the reason VPN will not work in this case.