Ultimate guide on Facebook stars: Expiration, Payouts, settings and withdrawal

If you have monetized your Facebook page or reels with Facebook stars monetization feature then several questions will come into your mind like can Facebook stars expire and how can I convert my virtual stars into real money in USD before they expire.

Being in hurry and in a fear of losing stars: I can understand what it feels like but you should not worry. I will mention frequently asked questions on Facebook stars payout process and answer these questions in this blog post.

If you have not enabled stars on your Facebook page even if your page is eligible for it then you can check it out: How to enable stars on Facebook page?

Do Facebook stars expire with time?

If you have Facebook stars in your Facebook account then you can either withdraw those virtual stars in form of real money or you can send those stars to other reels creators or streamers on Facebook before expiration of those stars. Lifespan of these virtual stars is 180 days which can be rounded as 6 months. I think it is enough time to convert them into real money and you can easily do this.

Facebook stars payouts settings: How to customize payment preferences for stars?

As you need to set up a payment method in case of YouTube money using Adsense, similarly you need to set up payment information for getting your payout on Facebook. You will have to enter some details for this.

Facebook stars payout settings

Navigating the add payment method option

You will have to access payment method option for entering details and setting up payout account. For this: Open your Facebook account >> Open Main menu after taping on the profile icon in the upper right corner >> scroll down and click on “Settings and Privacy” option then “Settings” >> then scroll down and tap on “orders and payments”. Here you will be able to see your stars balance also. 

adding payment method

Now click on “Add Payment Method”. It will show you two options:

  • Credit or Debit card
adding card details
  • PayPal

These options may differ in different countries. I think options are the same for all countries but I am not sure for all countries. However, these 2 options are commonly used.

Add payment information

You can either select one out of “Paypal” or “Credit/debit card” payment methods or you can enter payment details for both of these. After you have entered payment details you will have to enter TAX information:

Setting up payment details for payouts

You will have to enter tax details first. You can choose “Tax classification” as individual >> after that select whether you live in the US or not and in the last option check “No” box.

tax details for stars payout

After that you will have to enter your name, country and address on the other page. After entering your signature click on done for tax verification. I think it is all set up and now you just have to wait for one more thing: That is 100 dollars to reach the minimum threshold so that Facebook can send money in your account.

adding payment details for stars

How to payout Facebook stars?

If you complete all settings for payout as I have mentioned above then you will have not to wait do anything extra for getting payout. Facebook will automatically transfer money to your account on fix date as AdSense do. 

Facebook stars payout date: When you will get paid?

It will be done on the 21st of the month which will come after the month when you will reach 100 dollars. It can take up to 3 to 5 days for transfer. Let me explain it with an example. 
Let’s say you have made 100 dollars in Feb then you will get this money after 21 days after that month passed on 21st of the march and you know it can take 5 days for a foreign money transfer.

Facebook stars payout pending – What can you do?

If you have set up your account properly then you don’t need to worry about pending stars payout because it will be sent to your bank account after minimum threshold is reached until it will show pending. That’s it. 

Minimum stars payouts: How much you need to get payment?

In general, you need to reach a minimum stars threshold so that you can get your payout. This is not 1000 stars, rather you need to have 100000 stars or 100 clusters of 100 stars which will make up to 100$ when you will convert from virtual currency to USD currency. 
Facebook will automatically send money in your account which you will set up for payment. You will not have to do anything manually.

How much does a cluster of 1000 stars worth in USD?

If you get a cluster of stars in form of a gift having 1000 stars then it means you have received 10 dollars from your follower because 100 stars are equal to one dollar.

How to encourage viewers to send stars on Facebook?

 You can go for a live stream on Facebook for this or you can set up credential messages for your viewers. I have written a detailed article on it: Encourage viewers to send stars on reels