How to edit a Website that is not Yours | Using Inspect Element

Editing a website using inspect element

Website is an important digital tool that enables people to interact with other businesses to connect with their customers, make online transactions, educate people and enhance any personal business. Any website that is free from errors and has an outstanding design and look enhances and improves the user experience and catches the attention of the … Read more

How to disable secret conversation or end to end encrypted chat in Messages

disable secret conversation or end to end encrypted chat

Secret conversation or end to end encrypted chat has been added in most of the messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger chat, Instagram chat, Google Messages and Telegram. Most of the applications are using this feature to ensure their users for trusted chat.  But in some cases you may need to turn off the encrypted chat. … Read more

Here is the way to make tiktok reposts public or Private

make tiktok reposts public or Private

Use of Repost feature on TikTok is indeed a good method for outreaching content goals but it is not always the case. As we know, every feature on social media platforms has its own pros and cons. Similarly, enabling Reposts on tiktok allows others to repost your tiktok and it get more views. But not … Read more

USB port color code: Here is the meaning and function behind different colors

usb ports color codes

USB ports have become a very common part of our everyday electronics. There was a time when these ports were present in motherboards or printers but now these ports are found in the most of our daily usable devices like lamps, machines, adapters etc.  If you have good knowledge of USB ports color coder then … Read more

How to unrestrict someone on Messenger | In some easy steps

Facebook provides you different privacy logs for helping you strengthen your privacy while using it. Messenger, which is an interconnected application provided by Meta and connected with Facebook, gives you many features for chatting with your fb friends but what about the annoying friends and strangers who keeps on sending random links and texts. Don’t … Read more