An overview of the most popular social media platforms

It is difficult to say that a person living in this age world has not interacted yet with any social media platform. Social media has become our need and necessity and that is why we cannot say that it is not very important for us.

With the rise of social media platforms there came many new social platforms in the market and the work is ongoing.

Some of the social media platforms are so popular that there are more than a Billion users. Especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. 

In this blog post we will take an overview of the most commonly used social media platforms and how these platforms work.


It would not be wrong to say that Facebook was the first platform which got too much public attention. Inspite, it was not the first but it became the first to grab large number of users. 

You can make friends on Facebook, join public or private groups, send messages to individuals or groups, share posts, like other’s posts and publish your ideas on it.

It gives a lot of features to its users and has an interactive environment which is very unique.


Coming towards YouTube it is not like Facebook but some of its features are very commonly found in Facebook. You can use this social video sharing platform for sharing shorts or long videos.

When it comes about a video platform then it is inevitable to place YouTube on the top of the list. People does not only use this for sharing content but more of them are using this platform for making money online.


I would like to place Instagram on the second position after Facebook. Most of the features it has are also present in Facebook like Facebook and Insta reels are similar. As both of these platforms are owned by the same company that is why you can also interconnect both of these platforms to redirect your audience from one profile to another. 


A newly introduced platform which is capable of beating any classic and popular social sharing platform. The reason why it got much fan following was its uniqueness.

Tiktok was the first short video platform on internet. You can create videos, share videos and follow other’s accounts along with it you can go live. It has many features and built-in filters for video editing also.


You may have seen tweets by famous authorities like actors, anchors and political leaders on Twitter. Twitter is a famous short news sharing and micro blogging platform. 

You can share a piece of news, like other’s content, dm someone and you can go live on it. There are many features to explore on it. 


If you are looking for a professional networking site which can connect you with the professionals then you can try out LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the first platform which came into market before Facebook.

You can make a professional profile on this platform for attracting clients for your business or you can get a job with its help. You can also find out professionals on it for your business. 


Different from all other social media platforms which enable you to share your content on it for an ephemeral period of time. 

You can take snaps on it as it provides a wide variety of filters that you can apply on images. You can send snaps to others, make snap streaks, start a chat or go live on it. 


It is a good platform which can be used for image sharing called pins. You can make a pin on Pinterest and add a small title and description to that pin. 

You can add a redirect link to any website in your pins. That is the reason most of the bloggers and YouTubers and Bloggers use this platform for social bookmarking.


You can join communities on Reddit or you can make your own community. There are number of communities on Reddit and these communities are often called subreddits. Every sub Reddit has its own set of rules for sharing content and interaction with others.


An application which is already available on your phone, which helps you call anyone from any part of the world. You can chat with someone, make or join groups, share content, set a call with multiple friends and add status on it. 

I would not tell anymore about it as everyone knows a lot about it. 


It is also a chat platform which is commonly used in China. It provides you many features which may seem to be like Whatsapp.


This platform is also similar to Whatsapp but it has a number of features that you will not find in Whatsapp. Its enhanced privacy and encryption helps you in protecting your chats and Telegram bots make your work easier if you set them on your account. 

You can call with multiple people at once as it gives you a built-in calling feature which supports up to 1000 members on group call. 


There is a long list of social media platforms but we have discussed some famous ones. These social media platforms have completely changed the way in which we can interact with the world.

We can use all of these platforms for building a reputable image of our online business or for other purposes.