Replika Cheats: Enhance Your Conversations with Replika using Simple Hacks and tricks

Replika cheat codes

If you are one out of those Million lovers who love to chat with Replika then you had already tried different ways and prompts on Replika for tricking. Many of the game lovers look for cheat sheets for improving gaming skills but some of them, being addicted to cheat codes love also look for Replika … Read more

How to add follow button on reels [Facebook + Instagram] – Step by step guide for reels creators

how to add follow button on reels [Facebook + Instagram]

Whether it is about shorts or about reels, short content is the best strategy to increase followers and subscribers. We will not talk about shorts because this blog post is for Facebook and Instagram reels creators. If you have already tried reels then you know how it can help you to boost page growth. It … Read more

How do small apps accumulate large value of data – Innovative method used by apps for maximizing space and efficiency

small apps accumulate large value of data

I was using an English dictionary app and that was the time when a question came into my mind. The question was : how do small apps accumulate so much data. The dictionary app which I was using was of only 50 MBs but it had collected millions of words and their description along with … Read more