How to ask viewers to send stars on Facebook – Amazing message samples 

If you are a creator on Facebook then at some point you will certainly look for a way to monetize your page or profile on Facebook. As different platforms allow creators to earn money with different methods, Facebook also allows creators to make money with different methods.

This blog post will be helpful for you if you are a creator on Facebook and want to make more revenue using Facebook stars monetization feature. 

We will discuss Facebook stars monetization and how you can ask viewers to send stars on Facebook. 

You have to design your page in a way and target the right audience so that you can earn more stars on reels but there are some techniques which will make it easier for you. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Stars monetization feature on Facebook

Different social media platforms provide different features for the monetization of the content. If we talk about Facebook, it has many features to attract creators but Facebook reels’ star monetization feature is similar to Insta badges or tiktok gift boxes which are given to the creators for supporting their content. 

For example if a person likes watching your content on Facebook then he can send you star clusters which you can exchange in money when it is on its threshold. 

criteria for stars monetizatio

How to enable star monetization on Facebook?

If you have a page on Facebook and your page has got more than 1000 followers in the last 2 months then you can apply for Facebook star monetization. But that is not all, your content must be unique and according to the guidelines of Facebook. 

If you think your content is good enough and you have met the minimum requirements then you can apply for the monetization. The process of applying is simple:

  • After you have logged into your Facebook account, open professional dashboard
  • Tap on “Monetization” option
  • Tap on “Stars” and then apply for monetization.

“Ask viewers to send stars” message samples and quotes

Once you have got stars tab on your reels then you will have to make content that will attract audience. If your content is getting good engagement then you would have to find a way to boost your star income. Here are some ways you can try to ask viewers to send stars:

Your content is the golden key

If you have interesting content to share on your Facebook then it will be much helpful for you because it all starts from your content. If people like your content then they will definitely support you by sending you stars so that you can make more interesting content for them.

Targeting the right audience and niche

I have tested it myself that your audience matters a lot. If you have most of your followers from peer ones countries then there are more chances for you to get more progress in less time and effort. 

Go live to interact with your followers

This is also an important factor. If you go live on Facebook and talk to your followers, answer their questions and listen to them then they will certainly like to support you. 

Set a goal for stars

Facebook has launched this feature recently which will be very helpful for creators to encourage their followers. You can set a stars goal on a live stream which will be helpful for you to set and achieve a clear target. Your followers will also be able to see this goal. You can set it easily:

  • First of all open monetization section in professional dashboard
  • Then click on “Stars” and then tap on “Goals”
  • Add goal details like type, date, target, progress bar etc.
  • After you have set it then click on “Publish goal”.
stars goal

This way you can set a goal for Facebook stars.

Say thanks to stars senders and encourage others to send

It may be a little bit difficult because you can automate this feature. You will have to say thanks to your audience by typing thanks messages. Here are some samples:

thanks message

“Stars bring light to our life. You supported me by sharing your stars with me. May your life also become bright as you made mine”

encourage star senders

“Stars will not only shine in the dark sky but it will give me light to keep going on as I am…”

quotes for senders

“Your stars have brought happiness in my life. I thank you for this love and hope to be with you for long time.”


“Small shares and acts of kindness like sending stars can make a big difference for my day. Start sporting one who inspires you.”

thanks quote

“It is said that little things when combined can bring a big change. Don’t stop your hand from pressing the star tab and spread love”

Can I set a “thank you” message when someone sends me stars?

You can thank a person who sends a gift to you like a star cluster but there is no auto option available for this. You will have to do it manually. 

Can I get stars on a Facebook Business Page?

Similar to a normal page, you can also apply for stars monetization on your Facebook business page if it meets eligibility criteria and that criteria is already mentioned above. 

Do stars’ monetization feature work on Facebook Live?

Yes! Star monetization feature can be enabled on Live Facebook stream but your account must be eligible for this. I mean if you have a Facebook page on which you already have stars monetization feature enabled then you can also earn stars during live stream.


In short your content, audience and your interaction with your followers is the key to your success. When Meta will launch the feature to automate messages to the stars senders then it will become easier for you to do this. On the other hand you can try the above templates and quotes for thanking your audience.