How to delete saved reels on Facebook in 2023

Facebook reels seems to be on fire nowadays. Many people are using reels instead of long videos because everyone wants to consume content which is short. It helps in saving time. 

On the other side there are some people who don’t like to keep reels and want to delete the short videos. Well! There can be several reasons why a person wants to delete saved reels on Facebook, that is why it would not be good to say that he wants to get rid of reels. 

You may need to delete unnecessary videos for clearing space and making things in an organized order. That can also be a reason why we should get rid of unnecessary drafts and files.

To delete saved reels you will have to check your camera roll, Facebook drafts and reels section. Once you have found the reels you can delete which you would like to delete. 

How to delete Saved Facebook reels

If you don’t want to keep the reels which you saved in the past then you can easily get rid of those reels if you locate them. It is often difficult to find things on Facebook but you don’t need to worry. Just pick your phone up and follow:

Where are the reels on Facebook which I have saved

First of all we will find out all the saved reels on Facebook. For this:

Open Facebook app >> tap on the profile icon >> scroll down and tap on “Reels” option and open a reel or you can simply open the reels on your homepage. 

Now on that reel you will see your profile icon in the upper right corner. Just click on it. A new page will open where you will see options: 

Click on “View saved” button there. It will show you all saved reels, reels sounds and reels effects. 

finding saved reels on facebook

Deleting saved reels from Facebook

Once you have opened the saved reels by following above steps then you can delete by opening that reel. 

Tap on the reel you want to delete >> click on the three dots icon in the bottom right corner >> tap on “Unsave reel” to delete it from your Facebook account. 

deleting saved reels

Can I delete multiple reels on Facebook?

No, you can’t delete the reels in bulk on Facebook. I am talking about the reels on Facebook which are saved. However, if you have downloaded reels in your gallery then you can delete multiple reels from there but on Facebook you will have to repeat the step to delete again and again.

Deleting Facebook reels drafts

If you want to delete drafts then you can easily do this by opening drafts on Facebook. But it is quite difficult. However another easy way is to open reels drafts.

Reels drafts are found under the “Create a reel” tab. You just have to open reels >> on the reel page tap on the option “Create” >> below the gallery option you will see “Drafts” option. This option will only be visible if you have at least one reel in draft.

finding reels drafts on facebook

Click on this option >> now tap on the “Edit” tab located in the upper right corner >> select all the drafts you want to delete and click on “Discard drafts” to delete. 

deleting reels drafts

Deleting Facebook reels which I have posted

Another option is to delete the reels which you have posted on your Facebook account or on facebook page. 

For deleting posted reels open the main page of your profile.

Scroll down and click on reels.

Open the reel and tap on three dots and click on “Delete”.

deleting posted reels

If you want to delete posted reels in bulk then you will have to go through the other way by tapping on “Manage posts” option. Long press a reel to select it then select other reels also and click on basket icon to delete all.

deleting multiple reels

How to get rid of reels on Facebook permanently?

If you don’t like reels or want to hide reels due to any other reasons then I would like to tell you there is not a direct way or button which will allow you to remove the reel tab. 
However, there are many other ways which work. You can downgrade your Facebook app. Tap on the three dots on reel page and then click on “hide reels”. Doing this will show you less suggestions.
Turn off notifications for the reels.
Switch off autoplay for the reels.