How to stop GB WhatsApp users from seeing deleted status

Many people are using GB Whatsapp as it is a third party application and provides more features which are not present in official Whatsapp app. Even though it is a third party application and its security is compromised, many people are using it for enhanced customization features, hiding online status, hiding blue ticks, larger file transfer, scheduling messaging, dual whatsapp usage and viewing status anonymously. 

GB whatsapp users can view others Whatsapp statuses anonymously and they can also see the deleted status of someone. If you want to stop GB whatsapp users from seeing your deleted status then this article will give you some suggestions for this.

Here we have some ways to stop GB whatsapp users from seeing your status but if they have already watched your Whatsapp status then it will be saved in their feed and it will become difficult for you to delete it for them. In this situation, status will be available for GB Whatsapp users even if you delete it for everyone. 

Some ways to stop GB Whatsapp users from seeing your Whatsapp status

Before starting discussion I would like to make it clear that if a person who is using GB Whatsapp has already seen your status then he will be able to see it again until status expires. But if he has not seen the status then it will not be saved in the feed of GB Whatsapp and you will be able to delete it for everyone.  

If GB Whatsapp user has not watched the status yet

If the person who is using GB Whatsapp has not seen your status yet then you can try out these ways to stop him from viewing your status:

Setting up privacy

You can change your status privacy for this. You can hide your status from the person who is using GB Whatsapp. For this you should be confirmed whether that person is using GB Whatsapp or not. Setting status privacy is quite easy:

  • First of all, open your Whatsapp. You can also follow these steps on Whatsapp web.
  • Then go to status section and tap on “three dots” icon located in the upper right corner
  • Now tap on “Status Privacy” option
  • Now click on “My contacts except” option
setting status privacy
  • Select the person you want to hide and then tap on “Accept” icon. It will hide your status from that GB whatsapp user.

Deleting status

If the GB Whatsapp user has not seen your status then he will not be able to see your deleted status if you delete it. Just open your whatsapp status and tap on “viewed by icon” and then tap on “Delete” icon. It will delete your status.

Removing that person

You can delete the contact of that person from your phone so that he will not be able to be in your whatsapp anymore. If you delete that person’s whatsapp contact then he will not be able to see your status. You can easily delete his contact in your contact list. I have tried this method and it works quickly. 

Blocking that person

If you don’t want to delete his contact then you can block him on Whatsapp. If you will block a GB Whatsapp user then he will not be able to send you messages, see your status or contact you. For blocking that person, simply open that person’s profile and then tap on the three dots icon. Tap on “More” and then “Block”.

Blocking GB WhatsApp user

What to do if GB Whatsapp user has watched your status

When a person having GB Whatsapp status will see your status then your status will be saved in the GB Whatsapp status feed of that person for 24 hours. You can’t delete that whatever you try for it. The only option you have is:

Ask that person to give his phone to you

You can ask that person so that he can give his phone to you for some time then you can mute your status on the person’s phone. For this, open your status on that phone and then tap on three dots >> then click on “Mute” option.

Excuses: last thing you can do

At last! You will have to lean your back upon excuses if no option works in your case. You can try out the above options one by one to stop that person from seeing your status but if you fail then you would have to admit your fault.

Can GB Whatsapp users see my deleted messages?

If you delete your sent messages from your side which you sent to GB Whatsapp user then it will not delete the messages for that person. So I would like to suggest you: Type carefully!
If you have deleted a message before it is delivered then you can delete it for GB Whatsapp users while if your message has been delivered to that person then you can not stop that person from seeing it. 

Can I see if a GB Whatsapp user views my status?

If the person using GB Whatsapp has set his settings to viewing status anonymously then you will not be able to see if that person has viewed your status or not. On the other hand a person using official Whatsapp will be visible to you in the list of status viewers.