How you can make reposts private on tiktok

Many social media platforms give you feature for resharing and reposting others’ content. You can reshare other’s videos, photos and posts if you like their content. This feature helps in getting more users engagement.

Similar feature was added to the tiktok recently. This feature is named as repost. If you like anyone’s videos on tiktok then you can repost his videos and it will be shared with your followers and all of them will be able to see that you reposted these videos. 

But not everyone likes to show his repost to others. That is why some people ask if there is a way for making reposts private so that no one can see that we have reposted a video.

Simple answer to this question is: Not yet! Tiktok has not added this feature yet. But it may be available in the coming time.  But you can solve your problem by following other way. You can unrecommend a tiktok video for this. Let’s see how we can do it. 

Can I make my reposts private on tiktok?

Sometimes, it happens that we like to recommend someone’s videos on tiktok. In such a situation we had to share the link of that video with our followers but those were old days. Time has changed and now you have “Repost”  option to “Recommend” someone’s tiktok videos to your followers. 

If you want to recommend a video on tiktok then simply tap on “Share” icon. You will see “Repost” option like this:

repost option

When you will tap on this option it will recommend that video to your followers and they will be able to see that you have reposted this video. 

Making reposts private

As you can make your likes, comments, tags and stickers private on tiktok because there are built in options in the privacy tab. But there is no built-in option for making reposts private. You can see in the privacy section that there are many features available for example you can make your likes, comments, tags, following list private on tiktok but no option for repost.

making repost private option not available

In this situation we can either use “unrecommend” feature or we can stop ourselves from reposting. Yup! That is not a joke. It is the only option.

When you will unrecommend a tiktok repost then it will automatically remove your tag from showing that you had reposted it. No one will see that you had reposted that video. 

To unrecommend a tiktok video that you have reposted accidentally you have to open that video >> tap on “Share” icon >> tap on “Remove repost”.  

removing repost

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How can I stop someone from reposting my tiktok videos?

diasbling repost on tiktok

You can stop anyone from recommending or reposting your tiktok. For this you will have to open your tiktok profile >> tap on “three horizontal lines” icon which you will find in the upper right corner >> then tap on “Privacy and settings” >> select “Privacy” >> scroll down and tap on “Repost” option and set it “Disable” option. Now no one will be able to repost your tiktok videos. 

Is there any difference between Repost and recommended on tiktok?

No! Both options have same meaning on tiktok. Actually recommended feature on tiktok is named as repost. When you repost a video on tiktok, you actually recommend others’ tiktok videos to your followers.