How to unrecommend a tiktok video that you accidentally recommended on tiktok?

Tiktok is a very famous and interesting platform for sharing short videos. You can not only watch other people’s videos on tiktok but you can also upload your own videos on it. 

It gives you a lot of features like editing a video, adding videos from phone, shooting a video with camera, liking someone’s video, commenting, sharing and recommending. 

But we are not going to discuss all of these features, rather we will talk about video recommendation feature on tiktok

Many social media platforms have recommendation feature included so that its users can recommend the content to the other people. Same recommendation feature was added on tiktok in late 2021 which is named as “Repost”.

Yeah! You heard right. Recommended button on tiktok is named “Repost”. Many of the users take it as a different option but it is not right. 

To unrecommend a tiktok video you just need to click again on the repost button. Let’s see how to do it.

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Accidentally recommended tiktok – how to unrecommend a tiktok video

A recommended video is a video which may be relative to users’ watch history or it is suggested by someone on some basis. To recommend a video on tiktok:

  • Open your tiktok app 
  • Go to a video that you want to recommend to someone
  • Click on the share icon on the screen
  • It will show you different options along with “Repost” option which will be yellow in color
Repost option
  • Click on this option and the tiktok video will be recommended to your friends and followers.

The feature may not be available in the tiktok desktop online version. Make sure that you use this feature on tiktok app which is updated. 

If you have accidentally recommended a wrong video and want to undo the process then to unrecommend it:

  • Go to the video
  • Click on share icon
  • If you have already recommended the video then the “Remove from Repost” option will appear there, rather than “Repost”.
Recommended tiktok video
  •  As you will click on the option it will remove the recommended video from recommendation.
unrecommending tiktok video

How to tag someone on a recommended video in tiktok?

You can also tag someone on a recommended video while reposting from tiktok. Here is how to do this:

  • First of all open a video
  • Click on the share icon and then tap on “Repost” option
  • The video will be recommended on tiktok. Now you have to click on “You Reposted” option located beside your profile icon
 recommended tiktok
  • It will take you to the commenting section. Click on “add comment” and the type “@” and select the persons you want to tag in the recommended tiktok video. You can also undo this process. 
tagging someone on recommended tiktok

What does recommending a tiktok do?

Recommending a video on tiktok will show the video to your friends and followers as a suggestion. It is a similar feature as suggested on Facebook is. 

How to get the recommended button on tiktok?

To get the recommended button on tiktok you need to update your tiktok app to the latest version. Further if you are using tiktok on your browser then this option will not appear there. 
The option will be named as “Repost” instead of “Recommend” so don’t get confused. 

How to turn off notifications on tiktok recommended videos?

You may get notifications on recommendations on tiktok when someone tag you while reposting a video. But you can get rid of such notifications. 
Open you tiktok app
Go to your profile and then open “settings and Privacy”
Tap on “Notifications” option
Now untick “Reposts” notifications and you can untick other options too.