tiktok follower count stuck – here is how you can fix it

Tiktok is a famous social sharing platform that is used by millions of people for sharing short videos. These short videos can have length between 15 seconds up to 3 minutes. 

Unlike the old days, people now like to use short content as it saves much time. Instead of watching a long video of 10 minutes duration you can scroll to 10 short videos.

By now, tiktok has become the most popular video sharing application. Its concept was completely unique in the digital world. It gives you a large number of choices for background music and you can shoot a video over a certain music. 

As it is the common practice, the application which has a lot of users can also have some glitches with time. Such an issue we are going to discuss in this blog post. 

If you get tiktok follower count stuck and the count shows only 1 follower or a fixed number then this can be due to cache problem, outdated version of the app or any other glitch in the app update. Let’s see what is the issue behind stuck tiktok follower count and how can we fix it.

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Where and how to see tiktok follower count?

When you like to watch someone’s video on tiktok then you add that person to your following list. Similarly if someone likes to watch your tiktok videos then he/she will follow you so that your videos may appear in his/her feed.

The number of followers that you have on tiktok is called tiktok follower count and you can see this count by:

  • First of all open your tiktok id
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Here you can see follower count above “follower”
  • Click on this option to see who has followed you on tiktok
viewing follower count on tiktok

tiktok follower count stuck – fix tiktok follower count showing only one person

To fix stuck follower count on tiktok you will have to follow these steps:

  • First of all you need to check whether your tiktok app is updated or not. Update your tiktok app if it is not updated yet.
  • If the problem still remains then go to settings on your phone
  • Open “Apps and Notifications” option
accessing apps settings
  • Scroll down and select tiktok
  • Here you need to clear cache and app data
clearing tiktok app cache
  • Once you have done this then you can check again whether the problem is fixed or not.
  • If issue still remains then open tiktok id
  • Open your profile and then click on “three lines or dots” icon
  • Then tap on “Settings and Privacy” option
Free up space
  • Click on “Free up space” option and clear cache
  • No go back and open “Report a Problem” option
  • Scroll down and select “Follow” option
  • Click on “other” option and then tap on “Need more information”
reporting a problem
  • Explain your problem here and add related screenshots and video and then submit the request.

How to see followers on tiktok?

To see your followers on tiktok:
Open your tiktok app
Click on your profile
Click on “Follower” option
Here you can see all followers on your id

How to see the hidden following list on tiktok?

It may be a bit cumbersome but I hope it will work. To see hidden following list on tiktok:
You need to download tiktok++. But the question is how to download it. To do this:
Go to Modplusy.com and search for tiktok++ and then download it
After the installation completes click on continue and download two additional suggested apps
After you have done all these steps then you can open tiktok++ to see hidden followers list on tiktok.

How to hide or unhide followers on tiktok?

If you want to hide your followers from someone who is not already in your followers list then you can do it by just one click and here is how:
Open your tiktok profile
Click on three lines icon
Tap on privacy and check the option “Private account”. If the option is not alr
eady on then you have to turn it on.