How to see when you blocked someone on Facebook – Here is the date when you blocked him

Privacy does matter a lot for everyone on social media platforms. Everyone sets his privacy on Facebook according to their needs. 

To manage our privacy on Facebook we often block someone or prevent someone from seeing what we do on Facebook. We apply different privacy layers and settings for doing this. 

Blocking someone on Facebook is much easier and it is the most common action which is performed by many Facebook users. 

But if you are looking for a way to see the date when you blocked someone on Facebook then it can be a cumbersome task as you will have to navigate the right way to do that. 

To see when you blocked someone on Facebook you will have to locate the blocking feature on Facebook, View the list of the Facebook users you have blocked, find a specific person you have blocked and check the date when you blocked him.  Let’s go through these steps one by one.

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How to check when I blocked someone on Facebook?

It is quite easy to do this but as the settings are hidden that is why it may seem difficult for some users. We will go through all steps one by one to find out the date when we blocked a person on Facebook:

Login to your fb account

So the first and outermost step is to access your account by logging in and it is quite easy. Open Facebook app on your mobile or open Facebook on desktop. Enter required data e.g email address and password and complete the login process.

Navigate to the Time Log on Facebook

Our second step is to access Time log on Facebook. For this

  • Click on the “Profile” icon and access Main menu
  • Scroll down and find out “Settings”
  • Tap on “your time on Facebook”
opening activity log
  • Click on “See Time” option
  • Scroll down and tap on “See Activity Log”
Opening connections option

Checking when I blocked someone

Once you have entered in the Activity log then continue the process and:

  • Scroll down and click on “Connections” options. It will show you different options
  • Now click on “Blocked” to see all users you have blocked on Facebook
viewing all blocked users
  • As you can see here is the list of people I have blocked along with the date, month and year mentioned when I blocked these users on Facebook.

If the list is large and it is difficult for you to find out a specific person then you can shortify this list by applying filters. 

To apply filters you have to click on the icon located in the upper left corner. Apply date filter by adding starting and ending dates. The shortify results look like:

 checking when I blocked someone on Facebook

How to check when I unfriend someone on Facebook?

Blocking and unfriending someone on Facebook have different meanings. As you unfriend a person on Facebook he will not be in your friendship list anymore even though you can see his profile and send him a friend request again but in case of blocking you will not be able to see that person again and the person blocked will also not be able to see you again. 

To see when you unfriend someone on Facebook:

  1. Open Facebook Activity Log
  2. Open “Connections” option
  3. Tap on “Removed” friends

It will show you the list of all friends that you have unfriended along with the date when you removed friendship with them.

How to block or unblock someone on Facebook?

For blocking someone on Facebook you will have to go to your friends list >> then select a friend you want to Block >> tap on his profile and then click on three dots icon located in the right corner. Tap on the “Block” option to block.
To unblock a person on Facebook you will have to open the activity log >> Connections >> Blocked >> select a blocked user >> tap on “Unblock” to unblock the user.

How to see block history on Facebook?

Block history on Facebook contains the list of all the members that you have blocked on Facebook. You can access block history on Facebook in the Activity Log which is located in the settings section. In the sub category of Activity log you can go in the “connections” section to see the block history.


By following above mentioned steps you will be able to navigate to the block list on Facebook which will show you the users that have been blocked by you along with you will be able to see when you blocked them.