How to see hidden following list on tiktok?

Tiktok has become one of the most commonly used social sharing platforms and you can estimate the worldwide visitors by keeping in mind that it has more than 30 Million daily active users via IOS phones. 

After its launch until now it has grabbed a lot of people’s attention in just 6 years of its age. You can upload short videos on tiktok, watch other’s videos, like videos and follow someone on it. 

By categorically it will not be wrong to place it in the entertainment and social media niche. 

In general, the following list is public on tiktok but you can make it private by changing account privacy. But what about seeing a hidden following list on tiktok. 

If a user sets his tiktok profile to private then you will not be able to see his hidden followers list but there are a few ways that will work for you. Let’s know how we can see hidden following list on tiktok.

Where to see my followers list on tiktok?

Your followers list on tiktok shows all the people who have followed your tiktok profile so that they can watch your videos in their feed. You can easily see all of your followers:

  • By opening your tiktok account
  • Go to your profile 
  • Click on Followers and you will get all of your follower’s information in front of you. Further you can see here follow count.

What is hidden follower list on tiktok and how can I hide my followers on tiktok?

Hidden follower list is your follower list which will only be visible to the people who are your followers and friends on tiktok. No outsider will be able to see this list. You can easily make your follower list private. For this:

  • Open your tiktok account and go to your profile
  • Click on three lines located in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Settings and Privacy”
accessing Settings and privacy
Privacy in tiktok
  • Then tap on “Privacy” and then click on “Private Account”. This will set your account on private mode and the only users who are approved by you will be able to see your followers.
tiktok private account

How to see hidden following list on tiktok?

If someone has set his tiktok profile to the “Private Account” then it means that only the people who are approved by him will be able to see his videos etc. Now here are some tips that we can try:

By becoming a follower of that person:

The first and legitimate way for seeing someone’s hidden followers list is that you request for the follower approval of the person you want to view his follow list. When you will be approved by that person then you will be able to see his hidden follow list. 

Once you become a follower of that account then you will be able to see his follow list.

Using anyone’s other account

If you don’t want to become a follower of that specific account then you can get help from a friend or anyone else who is already following that person. This way you will be able to see private tiktok account without following the person.

Making another account

You can also make an other account and send a follow request to that person. You can make this account by a different name so that the person you are following will not be able to recognise you by your account.

Using a third party application

In the other way you will need to download an application on your IOS device. Before downloading this application make sure that you have a compatible device with this software.

Open website and search for TikTik++

Click on the install button and wait for the process to end.

Now open settings on your IOS device and click on “Profile downloaded”

It will show you tiktik++ with the install option. 

Once the application is installed then you can enter a private profile in the search bar and then see followers. 

How to see who someone recently followed on tiktok?

There is no exact and apparent option for this but when you will open someone’s follower list then you will see the recent followers on the top and the old ones on the bottom of the list. It means that the people who followed recently will appear on the top.

Does tiktok shows followers in chronological order?

As apps keep updating with time. Not a long before tiktok followers were not shown in chronological order but recent updates show that the algorithm for followers list has now been changed and it shows followers list in chronological order.