How to stop someone from seeing your reposts on tiktok and Hide reposts

Reposted a video unwillingly and now looking for a way to hide that repost or want to stop someone from seeing your reposts on TikTok due to any reason then there are multiple ways for you.

Let’s see how we can hide reposted videos from our friends or strangers on tiktok.

Can you make your reposts on tiktok private?

The simple answer to this question is: Yes! You can make your tiktok reposts private from others but there is not a simple direct way for this because the feature is not much old and the repost settings are not added perfectly in the tiktok app.

That is the bad thing about such social media platforms that every new update brings much of the changings in settings. That is why it is difficult to find out the right privacy options for the tiktok reposts.

In a previous tiktok update the feature for hiding reposts from public was removed. But there are other ways to be discussed.

You can set different privacy filters to hide reposts from others.

Understand who can see your reposts on tiktok

First of all we need to see who can see your reposts on tiktok. The answer is: Your followers and friends can see what you repost on tiktok. 

They will see your tiktok reposts in the “For your feed”. 

Your friend can also see all of your reposted tiktok videos if they click on the repost icon under your tiktok profile. But they can only do this if you have made your tiktok reposts list publicly available.

Ways to stop someone from seeing my reposts on tiktok

Not having a direct feature to hide tiktok reposts from others by just a single click we have to go through different steps to check which one will help us to do this.

Hide Reposts on TikTok

Make your tiktok repost feature private from public

You may have counter a problem while accessing tiktok shop in your country because it is not still available in your region. 

Similarly, the settings and options are different for different regions.

Some of the people have tiktok apps which give the option to make tiktok reposts public and private while some do not have. I am not sure whether it is due to region change or the update change which gives this settings difference for the repost feature.

However what the problem is we have to discuss the right way:

Open repost settings on tiktok

  • For this you will have to login to your tiktok account on tiktok app or on desktop version of tiktok
  • At the most bottom side strip there are different tabs. Tap on the profile tab to open your main page
  • Now tap on the hamburger type three lines icon located in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Settings and Privacy” option
  • On this page tap on “Privacy” 
  • Scroll down and tap on Reposts option under the interactions tab. Here you can use this setting for reposts to make your reposts public or private.
  • Another settings option is for reposts notifications. This setting is on the settings and privacy page. Here you have to click on the notifications option. 
  • Now scroll down and you will find “Reposts” option under the interactions tab. You can toggle on or off the button to either get or stop notifications whenever someone repost your tiktok.

Make your tiktok reposts private from public to hide them 

You can hide your reposts from others by changing your settings for reposts on tiktok. This setting is located under the privacy tab.

Enabling this setting will hide your reposts from the public which means that if someone visits your tiktok profile he will not be able to see what you have reposted.

The procedure for this is very easy:

  • Tap on three lines icon in the upper right corner
  • Now click on “Settings and privacy” option out of three available options
  • Tap on the “Privacy” option and then scroll down and tap on “Reposts” option
  • A new page will open. Here you can opt whether to hide or show your reposts by turning on or off the option.

Undo your specific repost: If there is a limited number

This is another good option for you. If you are in a situation where you want to hide only a few of your reposted videos then you do not need to hide all of your reposts. You can undo that repost to make your list safe for you.

For hiding a specific repost you will have to undo repost because this is the only option.

Open the list of your reposted tiktok videos
  • Go to your main tiktok profile page
  • Tap on the repost icon which looks like 2 arrows one going up and one going down
  • It will show you list of all of the videos you have reposted on tiktok
Remove reposts from specific videos
  • Now tap on a video from which you want to remove the repost. It will open that tiktok video.
  • You will see text “You reposted” right with your profile icon on this video
  • Now you have to long tap on the screen to get the option to remove this repost. After pressing long you will get option to remove repost
  • Tap on remove repost option to delete your repost. After your repost is deleted you will see a pop up message on the above screen showing your repost has been removed.

Remove that person from your followers or friends list

We know that our followers can only see what we repost on tiktok which means that if we remove a person from our follow list then he will not be able to see our reposts.

For this you have to open your followers list. 

Go to your main profile page and tap on the Followers count to open the follow list

This list includes all of your followers. Tap on the three dots in front of that follower’s name and click on “Remove this Follower” option. It will remove that person from your followers list and he will not be able to see your future reposts on tiktok.

Restrict or block that person

Another way to completely get rid of a specific person on tiktok is to block him so that he can’t find your tiktok profile and bother you.

When you block someone on tiktok he will not be able to see even your tiktok profile then what to say about your reposts.

  • For this open your tiktok account
  • Open the profile of that person and tap on the share icon which is located in the upper right corner
  • Now tap on block and confirm pop up to block this person.

Use another account for reposting tiktok videos 

If you have multiple tiktok accounts and want to repost others videos then you can also use another tiktok account which you think is suitable for reposting.

You just have to open videos through that of your account and long press on the video or go to comments to leave a repost with a comment or simply repost.

Enable selective settings in tiktok

You may have noticed many people reposting tiktok from comments section which means that if you disable comments on your specified tiktok videos or apply filters on comments then it will be easy for you to hide the repost feature from others and there will be more chances for getting less reposts relatively.  

You can do this under the privacy tab in the comments section by applying filter on comments. Just tap on filter all comments and also add keywords to make a sorting list.