Here is the way to make tiktok reposts public or Private

Use of Repost feature on TikTok is indeed a good method for outreaching content goals but it is not always the case.

As we know, every feature on social media platforms has its own pros and cons. Similarly, enabling Reposts on tiktok allows others to repost your tiktok and it get more views.

But not everyone wants to allow others to repost his videos. In that case he may like to turn off the reposts so that no one can share it. 

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How to make your tiktok reposts private?

It is not always the case when you give permission to your followers or friends to repost your tiktok video. There can be any backend reason which may urge you to do so. But whatever the case is here is the way for this.

Open Repost settings on tiktok

You will have to open the reposts settings in the tiktok app. For this open your tiktok app and login to your tiktok account as a first step.

Tiktok settings and privacy option

Now the second step is to access the “Settings and Privacy” option.

If you are on the homepage then you should go to your profile page and you can do this by simply tapping on the “Profile” icon located at the bottom right side.

Now tap on the three horizontal lines icon which is located at the upper right corner on the profile page.

After you click you will see the option “Settings and Privacy”. Tap on this option.

Interaction tab or Safety under the privacy option

Once you have opened the settings and privacy tab then you will be able to see all settings there. 

The “Reposts settings” are located under the Interaction tab in the Privacy option. The “Interaction” tab may also be varied in text by “Safety” in some other versions of the app.  However some of the settings for tiktok reposts are hidden under different options but we are talking about the hiding reposts option.

Now tap on the “Privacy” option

On the “Privacy” page you will see the two sections: Discoverability and Safety/Interactions.

Under the Safety tab you will see options like comments, mentions and reposts etc.

Tap on the “Reposts” option 

It will show you the “Video Reposts” option. If this option is on then you have to set it to off to stop others from reposting your tiktok videos.

How to stop my friends from seeing what I repost on tiktok?

If you often repost other people’s videos on tiktok and at the same time want to stop others from seeing what you have reposted on tiktok then you should set your likes and reposts to “Only Me” under the Interaction tab located under the “Privacy” option. 

By default this option is set to private but you can make it public or private whenever you want.

Other ways to hide reposts on tiktok

The above discussed method is the direct way to change the settings as doing this will stop all from reposting your videos but there are some other ways also:

Who can see your reposts on tiktok?

Your Followers and your friends will see your reposted videos on tiktok. Your reposted videos will appear in their feed while they are scrolling the feed.

Block that person

If you want to stop only a single person from reposting your tiktok videos then you can block that person. This is a very specific case in which you don’t care for that guy.

For doing this you have to open the profile of that person

After opening his profile tap on the icon located in the upper right corner which can be either share icon or three dots icon depending upon the version of the app

It will show you different options and you will have to click on the “Block” option out of these options

Unfriend the person you want to hide your reposts from

If you don’t want to block that person and want to stop him from reposting your tiktok then you should unfriend that person for some time.

The process is same for this up to tapping on the three dots icon

You will see “Unfriend” icon beside the “Block” option

Just click on it and it will do all   

However unfriended guys will be able to repost your tiktok videos if they search for your account. Because unfriending someone does not mean that he will not be able to leave comments

Change who can comment on your tiktok videos

I am discussing this option because the repost option is shown with the comments tab. While someone is commenting on your tiktok video he will see the “Repost” option under the comment and there are more chances that he will opt to repost the video while making a comment.

For stopping guys from doing so you can set filters on comments under the privacy tab in settings.

You can either set a filter if you want to approve comments manually. But this will bother you all the time.

The other options are to allow comments for approved followers only and for no one.

Now it is up to you what you select.

Set privacy for your sharing

You can also set different settings to make interactions limited on tiktok. 

And the best settings for this can be found under the interaction tab.

Shift your account from public to private for hiding your reposts from public

If you switch your tiktok account from public to private then it means that you are limiting yourself from others on tiktok.

One benefit of this is that only your approved followers will be able to watch your videos and it will be very beneficial for you and stop outers from reposting your videos because they will have to be your approved followers.

You can switch between public and private account on tiktok under “Privacy” option on tiktok settings page.

Make reposts private

What to do if someone has reposted your tiktok video and you want to undo that?

If someone has reposted your tiktok video then there are only two ways for him to do so.

First option is: He has left a comment with the repost

Second option is: He has reposted directly from the share icon

In the first case you can delete or remove the repost he has made on your video by deleting his comment

And in the second case you can ask that person to remove the repost and if he does not do so then you can go through the other steps discussed above.

Why can’t I hide my own reposts on tiktok?

Sometimes you make repost someone’s tiktok video and your followers and friends see what you have reposted. 
In such a situation there are 2 things to be discussed about where your reposts are visible:
Your reposts will be shown to your followers while they are watching videos on tiktok
Your reposted videos will be visible to all of your followers if you have set your likes to public
In the first situation you can go through the above discussed steps to see what is going on.
And in the second step it is rare case that your likes are public because it is not a default setting.
In this situation you can set the listing to private by opening the privacy tab under settings >> scroll down and tap on “liked videos” option >> Set it to “Only Me”.

How to make your tiktok reposts public?

By now we have discussed making the repost feature private but not everyone likes to make it private.

Most of tiktokers want to have more reach on their videos and I think they can achieve this target by making the repost feature public so that others can repost their tiktok.

First of all it is default setting that anyone can repost your videos but if you have set the repost feature to private in the past or you have a private tiktok account then there are further things to be discussed.

Make reposts public

Make your settings change for tiktok reposts

You may have grasped the way how we made our tiktok repost feature private. Now if you want to make the feature available for others so that they can repost your videos then you will have to make it public by repeating the same process:

Open “Settings and Privacy” tab >> tap on “Privacy” >> under the 2nd safety block you will see the repost option >> toggle on the button to make the feature public.

Other ways to make your tiktok reposts public

The above method is a direct setting to select whether to allow others to repost your videos or not but there are some other ways which may be hindering others from reposting your videos. To make the repost feature public for your tiktok videos you should also consider these important key points:

Make your account public

As we know that no non-follower can see the videos on a private tiktok account. That is the reason only a limited audience of yours will be able to repost your tiktok videos.

If you switch your account to public then there are more chances for your videos to be reposted by others. 

To make your tiktok account public you have to open “Privacy” tab under “settings and privacy” and toggle off the button in front of “Private account” to make it public.

Repost your own tiktok video to your audience

Here is another way for you to make your videos more reposted.

That is to use your other tiktok account or to use anyone’s other tiktok account to repost your videos. 

This method can also be called as reposting your own tiktok video.

You just have to open your video from another account and repost it. For reposting it you can go through any of the 2 ways:

Either make a comment with repost

Or only repost the video by tapping on the share icon and then clicking on the Repost button.

Why can’t I make my tiktok reposts public?

There are 2 things about the public reposts.
The videos you have reposted
You videos reposted by others
First: Your reposted videos are visible to your friends and followers. They can also see the list of your reposted videos if your likes are public. So you can opt to choose whether to hide them or not.
Second: The videos on your tiktok account which are reposted by the public. These videos will appear to the followers of those people who are reposting. 
Now you can check for the reason why your reposts may not be public.