How to know if someone is hiding his online status on Whatsapp

Like other social media applications Whatsapp also has the feature of showing online status which helps in making it sure whether a person is on Whatsapp or not.

Similar type of online status is also available in other social media apps too.

As every feature has its own pros but it also has some cons for others.

You can say it is demanded due to privacy concerns that most of the social media applications have introduced the option to hide online status.

Similar is the case with Whatsapp users who can either show or hide their online status by just a single click.

‘How to hide the online status’ is not what we are going to discuss, rather we want to know the way to make sure if someone is hiding his online status from us or not.

To know if someone is hiding his online status you can make use of third party apps like whatztrack and Wastat or go through other ways discussed below.

Ways to know if someone is hiding his online status on Whatsapp

Alternative apps can be helpful

You may have heard about GB Whatsapp as it is a famous unapproved version of the Whatsapp app and it is especially used for privacy tricks. 

Even though it is not recommended to use GB Whatsapp due to its weak privacy, many people are still using it to know if someone is active on whatsapp and hiding his online status. 

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When you will open GBWhatsapp you will be able to see a green dot on the profile picture of the person if he is online. 

3rd party tools can help

There are many apps on PlayStore and AppleStore which can help you in viewing last seen and online status of others even if he has hidden it from you.

Wa Agent and WaStat are famous apps from the list but there are more options for you to use.

Know if someone is online on Whatsapp

Mutual friends can help you to confirm

Sometimes a person hides his online status to show you that he is not using Whatsapp or he is busy with his other work. Like a husband can hide his online status from his wife and chat with someone else on Whatsapp. In this case you can get help from a mutual friend to confirm.

This trick will only work if that person has hidden his online status from you but not from your mutual friend. Your friend will be able to see the online status of that person when your friend will open the chat with him. 

Whatsapp web can be an option

If the person is close to you and it is possible for you to use Whatsapp web of that person then you can easily see when he is chatting with someone. 

At that time open your whatsapp and then open chat with that guy to confirm if online status shows or not.

Check if the Last seen status is hidden or not

Last seen status helps to confirm when the person was active last time. But now most of the users have their last seen disabled.

If the last seen status of the person is showing to you then he is not hiding his online status from you. 

You can easily see the last seen status of someone by opening the chat window of that person on Whatsapp/ it appears besides profile picture. 

Use any other social media app to confirm

Most of the Whatsapp users are also friends on other social media platforms like Facebook, tiktok or Instagram. If that person is your friend on any of these platforms then you can easily confirm if he is online or not.

For example, Most of my friends have hidden their online status on Whatsapp but I can easily know if they are online by using messenger.

You can easily know by using Messenger chat, Instagram chat or tiktok chat as there is much probability that he has not hidden his online status on other platforms.

Other reasons why last seen of that person is not showing to you

There can be any of these reasons causing this:

If last seen is set to nobody

If that person has hidden his last seen from everyone then it will not be visible to you.

If the person has blocked you

If you are blocked by that guy then you will not be able to see when he is online.

If that person has not saved your contact or you have not saved his 

If you have not yet started to chat with that guy and both of you have not saved contact of one another then this problem can occur.

Your connection is unstable

An unstable connection prevents page content from loading and it can cause difficulty in loading the online status of that person.

how to know if someone blocked you from viewing their status on whatsapp?

There is no perfect method for knowing this. However some of these checkmarks can help you to confirm:
If you can’t see his profile picture and status update
There is only one check mark on messages
You can’t add him to a group
No last seen and online status is showing
You are unable to call him 

How to see last seen on Whatsapp if it is hidden by the person?

Third party apps can be used to achieve this. You can easily find out someone’s last seen using these third party tools. These tools can be downloaded from playstore. WaStat and wa agent are examples of such apps.
These apps can even provide details about the time span in which that guy was online.

Can someone hide his online status on whatsapp from one person only?

Yes, Whatsapp allows you to choose from whom you can hide your online status on Whatsapp. You can apply privacy for this to hide your online status from anyone, even from a single person.