How to unrestrict someone on Messenger | In some easy steps

Facebook provides you different privacy logs for helping you strengthen your privacy while using it.

Messenger, which is an interconnected application provided by Meta and connected with Facebook, gives you many features for chatting with your fb friends but what about the annoying friends and strangers who keeps on sending random links and texts.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to block nor mute such a person you can choose an intermediate game of restricting that person on Messenger and this will lessen your interaction with that person.

Whatever it is we are here to discuss the way to unrestrict on Messenger if you have restricted someone accidentally or you want to move a guy from Restricted Messenger list to normal chat. 

The easiest way for unrestricting someone on messenger is to open the list of restricted accounts under safety and privacy tab on Messenger and then tap on unrestrict account to move that account out of the restricted list. Let’s check further details with the help of images.

What happens when you restrict someone on messenger?

First of all let me clear it up when you need to restrict someone on messenger. Restricting someone on Messenger means that you will have less interaction with that guy.

For example if you are stucked in a situation where you don’t want to block someone on the other hand you want to move the incoming messages directly from that guy to a requested message list and don’t want to show your posts on your timeline to that guy then you should use the restrict feature on Messenger.

When you restrict an account then the person will not be able to know whether you have read their messages, you are online or not.

On the other side if he sends messages to you then you will not be notified about those messages rather those messages will move to message requests. 

Another pro of restricting is that your posts which you will share on your timeline will not appear to the guy.

Restrict vs ignore vs block | Are these terms different?

All of these three options are here to provide you control over your account and to stop anyone from bothering you. This table highlights the difference between all of these features.

Block Restrict Mute
It is the most severe action you can take against an account.It lies in between mute and block features.It is the normal way stop notifications from that guy.
Blocking someone on Messenger will prevent that person from seeing your posts, your profile and your online status. It will completely cut off his connection with you.Restricting someone on Messenger will prevent him from seeing your online status and your upcoming posts on your timeline. His messages will move to message requests which you can opt to accept, delete or ignore.You will not be notified about any message coming from that guy. The person you have muted on Messenger will be able to see your posts, profile and online status.

Reasons why you may need to unrestrict someone on messenger whom you have restricted

Accidentally restricted someone 

It’s not rare to block or restrict someone in hesitation or perform this action accidentally by selecting the wrong option.

It often happens so you should not be worried about this. You can easily undo this action.

This is one of the reasons why you may need to unrestrict someone.

Want to show your online status

When you restrict someone then he will not be able to see your online status on Messenger but at any point if you need to show your online status to that person then you will have to unrestrict him.

In that case you will also have to make your online status public.

Want to show your timeline posts to him

If you have published new posts on your timeline and want to show that post to the guy then you will have to undo your action because restricted accounts will not be able to see your post.

Want to get his messages directly on your screen and get notifications 

Remember, restricted accounts can send you messages but you will not be notified about those messages, rather they will move to message requests which you can access and choose to accept or delete.

But if you want to directly get messages with notification then you will have to unrestrict him.

How to unrestrict on Messenger and ignore messages from Facebook?

The method for unrestricting someone on Messenger is quite easy. First method is to unrestrict by opening the account of that person and the second way is to access the unrestrict option from settings >> safety and privacy >> restricted accounts. Let’s dig it in deep.

Unrestricting someone on Messenger

Find out the list of restricted guys on Messenger for unrestricting him 

First of all open your Messenger app or Login to if you are using a PC or laptop. 

Now tap on the hamburger icon which looks like three horizontal lines in the upper left corner

3 lines icon

After this click on the gear icon to open settings

opening settings

Or open Restricted account under privacy and safety tab

Once the settings are open then scroll down and tap on “Privacy and Safety” option under preferences tab

privacy tab

Now under the “Who can reach you” tab you will see option “Restricted Accounts” click on this option

Restricted accounts

Unrestrict that guy

It will open the list of all accounts which are restricted by you. Now you have to tap on the account you want to remove restriction from.

list of restricted accounts

It will open the account of that person 

You have to click on the unrestrict button at the bottom. It is all done.

unrestricting using 2nd method

2nd method for unrestricting an account

The easiest way and the shortest one is to:

  • Open the account of the person
searching for the account
  • Tap on ‘i’ button
  • Scroll down and click on unrestrict 

Can I unrestrict someone on Messenger even after deleting conversation?

Yes, you can easily unrestrict an account even if you have deleted the conversation.
For this open Messenger and type the name of that person in the search bar and select the account of that person and click on it to open.
Now either tap on unrestrict option if it is showing on the bottom bar or tap on the i button and then tap on UnRestrict account.
Another option for unrestricting an account on Messenger is to open the restricted accounts list from settings.

Is the way of restricting someone on messenger different on Android, iPhone and laptop?

No, the options are all the same for Android, iPhone or desktop. 
In case of android or iPhone you will use Messenger app and it will give you same options in both android and iPhone.
But if you are using desktop PC or laptop then you can access Messenger on messenger site

Why I can’t unrestrict someone on Messenger | Reasons and Fixes

If you are having trouble in unrestricting someone on Messenger then possibly there are chances that either you are having trouble in accessing the option or you are getting the message ‘this person is unavailable’. 
In the first case, if you are unable to get unrestrict option then open Restricted accounts list from settings. You can do this by: 
Open settings >> Safety and privacy >> Restricted Accounts >> select an account >> unrestrict it.
In the second case, the person you are having trouble in unrestricting has either blocked or reported your account and that is why you are having difficulty in accessing seeing his account.

Does unrestricting someone on Messenger notify him?

No, the person you are going to unrestrict will not be notified. 
Even he can make a rough guess after some time that he was restricted.

How to know if someone has restricted you on Messenger?

There is no exact way but there are many hints which can help you in confirmation.
You will not be able to see online status
No access to profile and chat history
Message sent from your side but not read
Only public posts are visible to you.