LeetCode vs HackerRank vs AlgoExpert vs Codility – Which platform is right for you

I hope you are a programmer or software developer. That is why you are reading this to find out the best platform to practice coding. It seems to be difficult to opt out the best from many other options available but it will become easy if you exactly define to yourself which type of practice you want to do. 

LeetCode, AlgoExpert, Codility and HackerRank all of these platforms give you a free environment to practice coding and to learn new things related to it.

Both HackerRank and LeetCode are very popular platforms but the other two are getting fame with time. First two are used commonly for preparing interviews and coding tests and the other two are also for this purpose. Let’s talk about the differences between these platforms.

Overview of LeetCode

Exactly, we are talking about coding then it is obvious that LeetCode is a platform which can help you in getting better in coding. It provides you a way for learning new things in coding. You can also practice questions here and join coding communities for making yourself up to date. It also helps in preparing coding related interviews with job perspectives. And it is now giving you support in 14 programming languages. It has around 19 Million visits in a month on its main site as you can see:

LeetCode analysis


It is also a platform similar to LeetCode which is used as a large scale coding community. It has less usage rate compared to LeetCode but it is emerging very fast

It also provides you with many programming related questions with answers for practice.  It is not as good when we talk about preparing for an interview; however it is free to use but also has a premium plan.

hackerrank analysis


It will not be good to compare it with previous two platforms but you can try it out if you have a low budget. It is just providing you problems and solutions in 9 Programming languages. But it’s premium plan is very cheap when compared to other pl;atforms.

I would also like to tell you that it does not have as much credibility as other coding platforms have. 

analysis of algoexpert


It is similar to HackerRank and also has less credibility. Even though it has half of the credibility of HackerRank, many of its users say that it is better than HackerRank. Codility is basically for passing the Codility exam so that you can get a licence or proof showing that you have passed the Codility test

Codility stats

Difference between Hackerrank, Leetcode, Codility and Algoexpert

  LeetCodeHackerRank  AlgoExpert    Codility
Used for preparing coding interviews and tests Mainly used for practice of coding testsSame purposeUsed for online coding tests
Has around 20 Million visits on its site in a month throughout the worldHas an estimate of 5 to 6 Million sessions on its main siteAround 1 Million visits in a monthAround 0.5 Million visits
35% of its audience is from India, 25% from USA and remaining 40% from other countriesMost of the visitors are from India. Around 40% from India and 15% from USA. Most of its visitors are from USA. 30% are from USA and 20% from India while remaining percentage is covered by other countries.Most of visitors are from India
Support up to 14 programming languagesIt supports up to 40 programming languages which is a good number when compared to LeetCodeIt give you support in 9 programming languagesNo exact figure I found
Free version is available with limited featuresIt is free to use when You try free trialNo free trial.No free trial
Paid version costs around 35$ per monthIt costs 25$ per month in interview plan but it also has huge plans45$ per year premium planNot known
More questions along with answers and team support is given in the premium plan of it    sameNo free trial 
Is a good choice for practicing coding tests and interviewsGood voice for preparing test in multiple programming languagesGood for low budget geeksGood for getting a test experience

Link to the site is: LeetCode
Link to its official site: HackerRank
You can check it out: AlgoExpert
Link to the platforms is: Codility
LeetCode vs HackerRank vs AlgoExpert vs Codility
HackerRank vs LeetCode

Can you Google during Codility test?

Yes! You can Google during a Codility coding text but you can only search for syntax related questions.

Is Algoexpert enough for interview?

If you have a small budget plan then it will be enough for you. But if you can manage to pay for LeetCode or HackerRank then it will be good for you.

Is Leetcode good for beginners?

Yes! You can start from its free trial as a noob then you can get a premium plan to learn further more things related to coding on LeetCode.

Is Hackerrank safe?

It is the only name of this platform which seems to be insecure but HackerRank is quite secure to use