Can you see who is in a discord server without joining

Everyone wants to keep his social media groups and channels secure and you are also one out of those people. The proof is: You are here reading this to make sure if anyone is on my discord server without my permission. 

You should not worry as we will talk about this question and other questions like these. If you ask “How can I see the person who is in a discord server without joining?” then I will ask you “Is it really possible for someone to be in a Discord server without joining?”  

Simple answer to this misconception is that there is no way for someone to be in a discord server without joining.

Let’s discuss in detail all these questions and their answers.

Can someone join a server without an invite link?

There is no way for you to join a Discord server without an invite link but you should not mix up things because this is limited for private Discord servers. 

If the server is private then you can join it by following the link which you will be given by an approved member of that discord server. 

But you can join open or Public Discord servers without any link

How can you see who is in a discord server without joining?

First of all we need to understand types of Discord servers. There are two types of servers on Discord:

  1. Private Discord Servers: Which can be joined only if you are provided by a link to join the server. If you don’t have a link then you can’t join. That is it.
  2. Public Discord Server: which is available for everyone and you are also part of this everyone. You can join such a server without any link.

As there is no option of joining a Private Discord server without a joining link which means that the question to see “who is in a private discord server without following the link” is illogical. So, you don’t need to hover for it anymore. Let it go. If someone is in a Discord server then the members of that server will be able to see him in the members list.

How to see what servers someone is on Discord?

I would like to make it clear that you can only know if someone is in a Discord server or not if you are also a member of that server.

For example, you have joined 10 Discord servers and your friend is also in 5 Discord servers in which you are. Then you can see your friend’s Discord servers which are mutual to you. Simply, search for the profile of that person >> tap on “Mutual Servers” >> you will see the common servers in which you and your friend is.

mutual discord servers

Another way is: you can check the profile info of that person. If that person has shared any information publicly about the servers he has joined then you will be able to see that information. For this you will have to search for that person’s profile >> then tap on “Profile info”. 

Ways to see members in a discord server

You can see members of a Discord server which you have already joined or a Discord server which is public. To see the members of a Discord server you have to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all open Discord and then open that server
  • Tap on the “Show member list” option which is located beside searchbar
  • When you will click on it, it will show you all members which are in that Discord server. It will also show the online and offline status of all members of the list.
discord member list

How to join a Discord server?

You can join a discord server either by searching for the server manually or by an invitation link. If the server is public then you can search it by tapping keywords but if it is private then you can join it only if a member of that Discord server sends you a link to join.

What does “Added to Discord server without joining” mean?

It means that someone has sent you an invitation to join a specific discord server. You have an invitation but you have not accepted it yet.
When you will accept the invitation then you will become a member of the server. This feature is similar to Facebook friend request feature.

Can someone hide himself in a discord server so no one can see him?

It is possible only if someone sets his online status to “Invisible”. But still he can’t hide himself from the administrators of that Discord Server. This feature is similar to hiding online status even if that person will be visible in the members list. In short, it is not going to work perfectly.