How to find reels you follow on Facebook – See the reels you are interested in

I was watching reels and it was difficult for me to stop myself from scrolling reels. I felt that I had watched more than 100 of reels on Facebook. I got an interesting reel on Facebook but I forgot to save it and started scrolling reels on reels. After some time I felt that I should find out that reel and save it to watch again and again but the question arose in my mind how I could find that reel which I liked.

If the same thing has happened with you and you want to see the reels you follow on Facebook then you are at the same place. In this blog post we will talk about how we can find the reels we like or follow on Facebook. In simple, you can check out your activity log and interaction history for checking reels you like on Facebook. Along with it your Reels tab and Facebook feed also shows you the reels that you like watching. 

Looking for the reels you follow on Facebook

Whatever we like on social media, we try to save it for viewing it later but sometimes we forget to do this. You can find out the reels that you like to watch:

In the feed

Your Facebook feed is the best tab to see what you follow on Facebook. It shows photos, videos and posts published by your followers. 

You can also get help from your feed to check the reels you follow. For this you have to open your Facebook account then tap on your profile pic and go to main menu >> now tap on “Feeds” >> scroll your feed. Here you will find the mix of all you follow. 

Navigating the reels section

Another way is that you can directly see the reels you follow on Facebook in the “Reels” tab. But it does not only show the reels you follow rather it will show you a mix of the content you like watching and interacting with. 

You just have to open the Main menu and then tap on “Reels” tab and see what you like watching.  

Activity log can be helpful

It is obvious that when we like something on Facebook we interact with it by liking, commenting or following those reels. In that case, we can get help from the activity log to see.

For this:

  • Go to Main menu
  • Tap on “Settings and Privacy” tab
  • Now tap on “Your Time on Facebook” option
  • Tap on “See your time” option and then click on “Activity log”
  • Scroll down and click on “Interactions”
  • Now check one by one starting from Comments, likes and saved options. You can apply filters to sort the results. You will have all interactions here and I think it is the easiest method for seeing which reels you follow.
reels activity log

Exploring recommendations

Facebook recommends you reels on your interest. It will show you what you like to see, interact, save and follow. You can scroll these recommendations for checking your interest.

Checking my reels preference

This option will not let you know what people you follow for reels rather it will show which category you are interested in

Further you can see saved reels and reels sounds in the activity log. It will show many options related to reels as you can see:

How to see which reels you viewed, liked and shared on Facebook?

You can see the reels you have viewed, liked or shared on Facebook in the activity log. Just open the activity log and then check interactions, watched and saved tabs one by one.

How can I see who viewed and liked my reels on Facebook?

You can see who likes viewing your reels on Facebook either in the “Professional dashboard” of your Facebook or using third party app like Meta Business Suite. Above highlighted link will take you to the descriptive blog post on this topic.