How to reset AirPods Pro from previous owner | Step by Step Guide

Many people love using IPhone and many of the users of IPhone also like to use AirPods but I am not talking about the simple AirPods by Apple rather I am talking about AirPods Pro which comes with extra features which are not available in simple AirPods. 

Most of the IPhone users use Apple AirPods for getting rid of wired handsfree which may cause much difficulty in many cases especially when we are driving or jogging. That is the reason they use Earbuds and they don’t stop here because AirPods Pro is a good choice and comes in an updated version. 

Without going in deep discussion of the AirPods Pro let’s talk about our main question which is: how we can reset AirPods from previous owner. You may have bought used AirPods from someone and that is why you need to do this.

You can easily reset your Airpods from the previous owner but you can not remove previous owner’s Apple ID without his help because both situations are quite different. Let’s talk about it in further detail. 

Resetting AirPods Pro and removing previous owner for changing ownership

When I purchased a used second hand Apple AirPods from my friend then I realised that I should reset my AirPods and set new ownership so that my friend can’t see my location history anymore. What I did for this is:

  • Opened the lid of the AirPods Pro 
  • Pressed the button for up to 10 seconds located on the backside of AirPods case
  • Turned my Internet on for my IPhone and then again opened the AirPods case
  • When I opened the case it showed a dialogue box on my IPhone showing “Connect” option
  • I tapped on that option. My AirPods are reset to new and now I can use them.
resetting airpods pro

But that is not all because it is still running on my friend’s Apple ID. If it is also the same case for you then you can get help from the previous owner to remove his ID and apply your own ID on it. However you can also use these AirPods without an Apple ID because AirPods work on Bluetooth.  

Can I remove Apple ID from AirPods without the previous owner?

No! You can’t do this without previous owner’s help. When the previous owner will remove his Apple ID manually then you will be able to set your own ID on it. Even if you have reset your AirPods and removed the old person’s device and data from it, you need his help from running Airpods on your own ICloud ID.

How can I reset AirPods Pro without a phone?

You don’t need to have a phone for resetting your AirPods because the AirPods can be reset with the button on the case only. You just need to press the button of the case for some seconds then your Airpods will reset.

Can previous owner track my AirPods?

If the previous owner has activated “Find my AirPods” on his phone then he can track his AirPods but it will only work until AirPods are reset.  
Once new owner has reset the AirPods then Previous owner will not be able to track. However, some features will not be available in such a case because Apple ID is required for those features.

Can AirPods save what I listen on it?

AirPods don’t have enough built-in space to store the information about what you listen on it. That is just a myth.

Can AirPods store call and audio history?

No! AirPods can’t store call or audio history. You can see this playback history on the device which is connected with the AirPods.