How to know who viewed, liked and shared my Facebook reels – get fb reels insights easily

Keeping an eye on the content which we have published on our social platforms is important because it helps us to increase our reach to the right audience.

When it comes to the fb reels then we can say that reels can help us a lot to increase our social media account reach. Just after the release of Facebook reels feature many people have tried making reels and you may also from those.

We need to see our audience and Facebook reels history and here is a way techinsocial have found out how you can view your Facebook reels analytics.

The simple answer to the question is “Meta business suite” will help you get the history and insights of fb reels. Let’s see how it will work in this case. On the other hand you may like it also: When I blocked someone on Facebook?

How can I see who viewed my reels on Facebook?

There can be more than 2 ways but I will note down the two ways which I have got on my experience:

Checking Facebook Reels insights using Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite developed by Meta helps you to keep an eye on your Meta social accounts and enables you to trace the progress of Facebook and Instagram profiles, pages and business accounts. 

You can’t just check the progress of your Facebook account, rather you can also attach your Insta account with it. So let’s start:

  • In the first step download the Meta Business Suite from Play Store or you can Login the site by clicking anchor text : Meta Business Suite
  • After you have logged in then open the app. Here you will get different options to manage and explore your fb account 
  • Click on the “Tools” option located in the bottom left corner
Meta business suite
FB reels insights
  • Select “Insights” option here. Here you will be able to see “Trends”, “Content” and “Audience” of your attached Facebook accoun
  • Tap on the “Content” option and then select the post for which you want to see the Insights. In our case we want to see Facebook reels insights so we tap on a reels that we have uploaded
reels insights in meta business suite
  • You can see here Reach of your Facebook reels including reactions, comments, shares and link clicks
Facebook reels shares, likes and comments
  • Further you can sort out your content by applying different filters

Checking who viewed my fb Reels using Facebook Insights

Now if you don’t want to use Meta Business Suite then you can read and go through this method too:

  • Open Facebook app and switch between the profiles and pages and open the page or profile for which you want to see fb reels analytics report
  • Click on the “See Dashboard” option and open “Professional Dashboard”
Facebook reels history using fb page insights
  • In the performance option tap on “More Insights”
Facebook reels professional dashboard
  • Click on “See all content” option 
  • Now select “Reels” to see the history and insights of the reels
fb reels history
  • For further details you can click on the “three dots” icon which will take you to the “Page settings” 
  • Click on the “Activity Log” and here you will get all what you are looking for.

In my case as you can see there is no record as I have not uploaded any content yet. 

Who shared, liked and commented my reels on Facebook

To view “share” information of your Facebook reels I will suggest using Meta Business Suite. Here is how you can get the stats:

  • You can open your inbox in Meta Business Suite and here you will get to options one for Messages and the other one is for Comments. When you click on the comments, it will show you who has commented on Reels 
  • Share and likes stats will appear in the “Insights” section on this app

 This way you can see the details of Facebook posts that you have published.

Another way to check who has liked, commented or reacted on my Facebook reels

You can directly check the list of people who have liked or reacted on your reels by opening that reel on Facebook. Even others can also see that list but you can hide it from others. For checking this you have to open a reel on Facebook >> then tap on the small count icon below likes, comment and share icon >> it will show you all the people who have left any reaction. From that list you can also see who has viewed your reels.

who reacted on my reels
who liked my Facebook reels


Is there a way to see fb reels followers?

You can see likes, comments and reactions on your Facebook reels with the help of the Meta Business Suite and see how your audience is interacting with your content.

Can I check Facebook Reels History?

Reels history includes date of upload and type of content which you can see with the help of the Meta app. You can apply different filters to sort out the history.

Is there a built-in feature in Facebook to get fb reels insights?

Not before this time! But now you can use Facebook too to get reels insights. The feature has been added in the Facebook app recently which enables users to stay alerted with the progress of the reels.