Your WhatsApp is being Registered on a New Device | What it is!

Indeed WhatsApp is one of our favourite messengers and I think it is on the top of the list.

Whether it is the start of the day or it is the end, we check our Whatsapp again and again throughout the day. 

There is not a single reason why we love using Whatsapp, rather there are many reasons for that and one out of those features which attracts our attention and make us trust in Whatsapp is its privacy feature. 

Privacy is very important for everyone and the proof is that you are looking for a way to make sure is it ok if someone requested Whatsapp registration code for your number. 

The answer is: You are safe if two-factor authentication is on. 

Many users get the notification “Your Whatsapp is being registered on another device” on Whatsapp. This type of notification is a point of concern if someone has tried to break into our Whatsapp account. That is the reason we have received a Whatsapp verification code without requesting. Let’s check what this message means and how we can protect our Whatsapp account.

Received a verification code from Whatsapp without requesting | “Your Whatsapp is being registered on another device”

You may receive this code due to these of the three reasons:

  • You yourself has tried to register your Whatsapp on a new device
  • Someone typed your Whatsapp number mistakenly
  • Someone is trying to get access to your Whatsapp account deliberately 

Even though Whatsapp uses E2E encryption for messages, it is not good idea to put off such security concerns.

The first and most common reason for receiving Whatsapp verification code without requesting is that someone has entered your Whatsapp number by mistake on his device while registering his Whatsapp account. If it is the case then you don’t need to worry.

However we will talk about some ways to keep our Whatsapp accounts safe.

The other reason: You received the code because you were trying to use the same whatsapp account on another device. If it is so then you should not worry.

The last reason: Someone is trying to get access to your Whatsapp account knowingly. In this case you should be ready to apply some steps for improving your whatsapp security and making your account safe.

When someone else or you yourself try to set up your Whatsapp account on another phone then Whatsapp will send a security code to your original registered device. It prevents deliberate unknown logins and enhances security.

You can take it with an advanced security feature. However, every feature can be broken with tricks so don’t forget to try these fixes:

Received a WhatsApp verification code without requesting

Enable Whatsapp 2 step verification for protecting your account

Two step verification is a very good feature for the protection of your account. It is not only available in Whatsapp rather it is used by other applications and social media platforms also.

If you have enabled the 2 step verification on Whatsapp then you will get a verification message whenever someone will try to login to your account. 

If you have not enabled the feature yet then you should enable it by following these steps:

  • Open your Whatsapp app
  • Tap on three dots icon located in the upper right corner
opening settings
  • Now tap on settings option
account option
  • Tap on “Account” option
  • Tap on 2 step verification
account option
  • Click on “Turn on” option to enable it.
  • It will ask you to enter a 6 digit pin. You have to enter it 2 times to confirm and it is important to remember it too.
  • After that you have to enter a recovery email.

Now it is almost done. You or anyone else will have to enter the pin before registering Whatsapp to any other device.

You can also enable security notifications for chats here.

Don’t share the verification code

It is important to keep the verification code away from the person who is trying to register your Whatsapp on his device. 

For this it is recommended to not share your code with that person. It is also best idea to delete the message with that code so that no one can access that code if he gets access to your phone. 

Check your account for security

You can check which of the devices are connected with your Whatsapp account using your Whatsapp app.

It is also a good way of protecting your whatsapp. Whatsapp app can help you to see this information. Here is how to do this:

  • Open whatsapp app
  • Tap on three dots 
  • Then click on “linked devices” option
linked devices
  • It will show you the devices other than your own main device.
  • Tap on the device name and then click on log out.
removing other devices from my whatsapp

Now your account is completely safe from outer people.


To conclude, if you have got any type of message or security code from Whatsapp showing that someone is trying to register your whatsapp on another device then you should not share the security code, unlink that device if it has been connected, enable two step verification and use a strong lock to protect your phone. 

This way you can keep your data safe. However you can also get help from Whatsapp by reporting your problem to their help team.

What should I do to avoid unauthorized access to my WhatsApp account?

You Should Turn on two-factor authentication, use a strong PIN, Check connected devices and make sure WhatsApp is always up-to-date.

Do I have the option to remotely log out of WhatsApp on all devices?

 WhatsApp’s “Linked Devices” menu allows you to log out from any and all of your devices. You can use this option in whatsapp by tapping on the three dots >> Linked devices.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp on two or more devices at once?

You can use Whatsapp on multiple phones and PCs. Whatsapp has launced its new feature for using it on multiple phones and you are well aware of Whatsapp web which can be use to add multiple PCs.


There can be two reasons if you receive a Whatsapp verification code even if you have not requested it. 

First reason is: Someone may have typed your number mistakenly

Second reason: Someone is trying to login your account deliberately

However, whatever the reason is you should enable two step verification and change your password if you encounter such a message on your phone.