How to change reels to videos on [Instagram + Facebook]

You may have noticed that reels are a good source of getting audience and enhancing your account performance whether it is a Facebook account or it is on Instagram.

But alone reels can’t do what you can do when you combine these short videos with long videos and try using another way.

You may have got the idea from YouTube shorts creators who are creating shorts for increasing their subscribers but they also upload long videos along with the shorts to enhance their brand visibility.

This is a good technique but it works when it is applied in a smart ratio.

Some of the creators upload only long videos and they trim small portions of the videos to make reels or shorts to upload on their accounts.

Actually, it is most common where they have to create suspense by adding these shorts or reels on their stories or accounts. 

Whatever the purpose you have, you should go through this strategy to try out new ways and check out what change it brings.

What we will discuss is the way to change your Instagram or Facebook reels into long videos. Let’s check what we can do and what we can’t.

In the case of Facebook, open the reel video >> tap on share icon and copy the download link of the reel >> download the reel from any of the online sources >> upload the reel as video from your camera roll on Facebook.

In the case of Instagram, open the reels section on Instagram >> select a reel and tap on three dots icon in the bottom right corner of the reel and save the reel to your camera roll and then upload it as a simple video from your phone.

Can I change reels into videos after posting on Facebook or Instagram?

Sometimes you post your videos as reels on Facebook or Instagram but after some time you realize that you should turn your reels into simple videos. 

The question which arises in mind is Can we do this?

And the answer is there is not a direct feature for doing this as you can see when you open options for editing reels that you have posted on Facebook you only get the following features:

  • You can pin that reel
  • Save that reel
  • Change who can comment on your reels on Facebook
  • Turn off stars on that Facebook reels
  • Turn off notifications 
  • Copy link of that reel or delete the reel

Furthermore, if you open the reels under “manage post” option then you will get further 2 options “Hide from Timeline” and “Remove tags” options.

But there is no direct option to turn these reels into videos on Facebook.

Similarly, in the case of Insta reels there is no direct option for this.

However there are some ways you can turn reels into videos.

Turn ANY long Video Into a Short, Reel or TikTok!

Other Ways to change reels to videos on Instagram or Facebook

Before we start talking about these methods we want to clear the point that these ways are not showing a direct feature rather these are the alternate methods:

Convert reels to regular videos

In this step you can convert your reel into a simple video by applying some manual steps.

Download that reel

This is the very first step you have to perform. There are many apps on Playstore and many sites on the web which can help you to achieve this.

  • Just open that reel
  • For Facebook reels: Open your profile where you have uploaded that reel >> scroll down and find your reel which one you want to download >> click on “share” icon below that reel >> Now click on “Copy link” option to copy the link of the reel. Now you can use this link in any third party app like vidmate to download it.
downloading reel from facebook
copying link of that reel
  • For Instagram reels: Open Instagram app >> tap on your profile icon to see your posts >> Go to reels section >> tap a reel you want to download >> click on three dots >> tap on “Download” to download it to your device.
downloading that reel from instagram

Post the reel as normal video on Instagram and Facebook

Now here comes the second step after you have downloaded the video. Now we will upload that reel as a normal video. 

For Facebook: Open your main Profile page >> Scroll down and you will see “What is on your mind” option. Click on it >> click on Photo/video option and select that reel to post as video.

what is on your mind
Uploading the reel as video on Facebook

For Instagram: open Instagram app >> tap on the “+” icon >> select “post” option instead of reels >> select the video and post it. 

uploading reel as video on Instagram
select post option

Convert reel to Instagram or Facebook story

Another way for you, if you want to post a video on Facebook or Instagram instead of reels, is to post that reel on your story.

On Instagram: 

  • Open Instagram app
  • Open the reels section containing your reels as we have discussed above
  • Click on the “Share” icon located in the end border
  • Click on “Add to Story” option.

On Facebook:

  • Open your Facebook app 
  • Go to your Homepage
  • Click on “Create Story” option
adding to story
  • Select that reel from your gallery and post it here.

How to post a video not as reel on Instagram or Facebook?

If your videos are being posted on Facebook or Instagram as reels then it is not due to a technical glitch.
This problem can be due to your selection while uploading that video. 
For example you should double check that the post option is enabled rather than reels or story before you select that video. Otherwise it will be posted as a reel.

Is changing reels with long videos really worth it?

What we have noticed is that short reels are a good source of getting attraction and followers whether you upload on Instagram or Facebook. 
On the other hand, long videos do not go viral as reels can go.  But if you attach some of your reels with your long videos by just cutting and uploading a small part of the video as a reel then there can be much benefit.


To conclude there is not a specific direct way to change your reels into videos. Not on Facebook nor on Instagram. 

However, you can do the same by downloading your reels and then posting those reels as videos on Instagram and Facebook.