A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change Reels Preference on Facebook: customize Your Reels Experience on Facebook

Facebook reel is a very popular feature of Facebook which was launched in competition of the tiktok videos and YouTube shorts. 

Similar to other types of long videos Facebook reels are also shown to a users’ reels section according to the demographic and watch history interest. 

There are different factors which determine which type of reels to show for a specific user.  

In this article we will discuss how we can customize reels preference.

In short, to change reels preference on Facebook you need to find reels preferences settings, change default reels views, manage reels privacy, block or unblock certain types of reels on Facebook. 

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Facebook reels preference algorithm – how does Facebook decide which type of reels to show?

Well there is not a single factor which social media platforms use to show a certain type of content to a person. 

Facebook makes use of different algorithms which decide which type of content will be shown to a person. These algorithms use past interaction of the users and their interests to sow the results. Further users can also define their preferences on Facebook. 

How to change Facebook reels preference?

To change reels preferences we will go through these simple steps one by one:

Reels preferences settings

First of all we will set preference for reels and here is how to do this:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to the “Main Menu” by tapping on profile icon located in the upper right corner
  • Tap on “Settings” and then “Privacy Shortcuts”
  • Click on “See more privacy settings”
  • In “Your Activity” section, tap on “Choose your topic preferences in reels”
  • Set all the options to on state for which you want to set reels preference

Changing default reels views

By default “Audience” is set to the reels views option but you can change it and set it to “Friends only” or “Private”. But this setting does not have to do anything with the preference. 

To change who can see your future reels you have to open Privacy settings and then tap o “Who can see your future reels”. You can set to:

  • Public
  • Friends only
  • Friends except

Options. You can also hide certain people from viewing your reels by setting the option to “Friends except”.

Blocking certain type of reels

You can hide certain types of reels from showing in the reels section. For this:

  • Open reels on Facebook
  • Scroll and find out certain type of reels you want to prevent from showing 
  • Tap on three dots
  • Click on “Hide Reel ( See fewer reels like this )” 
hide certain type of reels

Doing this will hide all related reels. 

How to stop certain types of reels from showing on my Facebook account?

Above we have discussed how we can set reels preferences. But if you want to stop certain types of reels from showing on your Facebook account then you can hide certain reels or you can block them too. 
For hiding certain types of reels open a reel which you think should not show again in reels and tap on three dots >> tap on “Hide Reel”.

How to stop Facebook reels AutoPlay?

To stop autoplay in Facebook reels open settings on Facebook >> in the search bar type “Media” and hit enter >> tap on “Media and Contacts” >> click on “Autoplay”  and then click on “Never autoplay videos”.