Can I change Facebook page name without notifying my followers?

Your page name is not just a name rather it is a brand symbol for your page. That is why it should be good enough to have an impressive look and etymological structure which should fit into the core values of your page content.

Sometimes, it happens when we create a page on Facebook in hurry and don’t focus much on the page name. The result of it is the question of how to change page name. 

That is not all because when we make changes in the page name then everyone of our followers is notified by that change. 

It may not seem good to your followers if you make changes in your page name often. That is why you should think before doing this. 

Does Facebook Notify my followers when I change name of my Facebook page?

There are two different things which happen when you change your username on Facebook.

First, if you change username for your general Facebook account then Facebook will not notify your followers. However they will be able to see name change on your profile.

Second, when you change your Facebook page name then Facebook will notify all of your followers about the page name change. When you will change the name then all of your followers will receive a notification in their news feed which will be named as “on profile pages”. 

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How to change Facebook page name?

If you want to change page name then it is not going to be difficult:

  •  Open your Facebook page 
  •  tap on profile icon 
  •  scroll down and tap on “settings and privacy” tab 
  •  click on “Settings” 
  •  tap on “Page settings” 
  •  click on “Name” 
editing page name
  •  change the name of your Facebook page and click on the review change button. 
changing page name

This way you can change the page name. But you can’t change your Facebook page after changing it in 7 days. You will have to wait for 7 days for rechanging.

Best practices to change page name on Facebook keeping in mind notifications

If you have decided to change your fb page name then you should follow these suggestions for better results.

Change page name during slow hours

Slow hours means the time when there is approximately no traffic on your page. It depends on the geographic targeting of the audience and there is no fix time for every page on Facebook. 

For example, if your targeted audience is in India then you should make changes in your page according to that time zone. The best time for doing this is after midnight and before morning.  

Use consistent branding method

People often set up their page on multiple social media platforms and some of the platforms have direct interconnection. In such a situation, I will recommend changing your page name on all other platforms also because if you don’t do this then people may take it as duplex branding.

Post page name update before changing it

It is the best way to alert your followers for the coming changes. You can make a post about the change you are going to make on your fb page.

You should make customised banner posts and post on all of your linked accounts so that you can tell your followers that you are making changes in the page name.

Can I change my fb page URL?

Yes you can change your Facebook page URL by changing your username on Facebook. You will not have to change page name for this.
For this you will have to open settings on your Facebook page >> select page settings and tap on “Name” to change username.
If you are having any problem in locating these options then I will recommend you to open your page on the desktop because it will show you all available options there.

How to change Facebook page name using computer?

The process of changing Facebook page name on desktop PC is same as it is for mobile app. You just have to login to your Facebook account and then navigate to the “Name” option under the “Page settings” tab for changing it.