How to change your Instagram name without changing it on Facebook (2023)

Username and profile picture are the only things which comes first when it is about anyone’s Instagram or Facebook account. 

A good attractive username can become your core brand value and a rough name of your account can have negative impacts in the same way.

Sometimes, we start an Instagram profile or page without having any hope of getting a brand value but all of a sudden our content goes viral and our account becomes famous. In such a situation we move toward making that of our Insta account as a professional account.

All we need is a good, attractive and beautiful username which can have positive impacts on our reach.

We think about changing the username of our Instagram account in such a situation. There is no problem in changing the name but the problem is the synced Facebook account.

You can easily change name on Instagram without changing your Facebook username even if your account is also linked to Facebook.

In short, you can do this by disabling profile sync on Instagram. Here is how to do this:

Why does changing name on Instagram also change it on Facebook?

If you decide to change your Instagram username you come to know that changing it for instagram will also change it for Facebook. 

It should not be in that way. It happens due to synced Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Ways to change username on Instagram without changing Facebook username

You will face this issue only if your Instagram and Facebook accounts are synced together. You will not have to unsync both of these accounts for long. 

You can again enable syncing after changing your username on Instagram.

Unlink your Instagram and Facebook account

This is the only method we will talk about in this blog post. Actually, un-syncing Instagram name from Facebook is not as much difficult as it seems. You can do it easily by following these steps:

  • Login to your Instagram account on Instagram app
  • Tap on your profile icon and then tap on “Edit profile”
edit profile option
  • Then tap on the name of your profile
  • Now if you change your Instagram name directly here then it will also change your Facebook name. For changing only Instagram name you need to tap on “Manage sync settings”
manage sync option
disabling sync
  • Toggle off the switch with the “Sync profile info” option. It will ask you to enter your Facebook login credentials. If you know then you can enter the login credentials and change your name on Instagram. If you don’t know then you can move to the other way. That is
  • Tap on three lines in the upper right corner
  •  Then click on “Settings” >> “Accounts center” >> “Profiles” >> “Instagram” >> toggle off the switch in front of “Sync profile info”.

It is done.

Important points to keep in mind before changing name on Instagram

Your online reputation is based on your name and it is the reason why you should handle this action carefully. If you suddenly changes your name on Instagram then it can have bad impact on your digital reputation. You should:

  • You should upload an announcement post to announce to your followers that you are going to change your Instagram name but you will not change it on Facebook.
  • Select a name which is unique and attractive along with the easiness to remember it

How to change Instagram name without waiting for two weeks?

Now you don’t have to wait for 14 days for changing your Instagram name. 
According to the new policy of Instagram you can change your Instagram twice in 14 days. But you can’t change it more than 2 times in 14 days.

How to change Instagram name font and style?

instagram change name twice in 14 days

You can do it very easily either with the help of an app or with the help of a font generator website. 
I would recommend you Fancytextgenerator or you can use any other website or app.
Go to the website or open “Fancytextgenerator” app. Type your name there and choose a font and style. Copy the name in the clipboard >> open Instagram app >> tap on Profile icon >> edit profile >> Name >> paste your copied text here. Confirm the changes.