How to remove Repost button on tiktok + how to enable Repost feature

There are many social media platforms and tiktok is one out of the top list of those platforms. No one may be unaware of its use so we don’t need to tell what it is used for.

As there are different updates in social media platforms. These platforms keep on adding new features to enhance the usability and interaction of the users. Sometimes, there is an addition of a new feature and sometimes there is a deduction.

Main purpose of adding these features is to test new ideas and get the insights of the usage of applications. Sometimes, it works and users start moving from one platform to other because of these features.

Repost feature on tiktok is very new and that is the reason it is hot topic to be discussed. 

You can repost someone’s video from your tiktok account and you can also remove reposted tiktok videos. What we will discuss is the method to enable and disable repost button on tiktok.

You can easily enable or remove the repost button by opening your tiktok Profile >> Settings and Privacy >> by toggling on or off the “Repost” option under “Privacy” tab.

Why you may need to enable Repost on tiktok

There are many positive things which can happen on repost enabled tiktok videos.

 For example, this feature can help you in getting more and more views. Whenever anyone will repost your tiktok video then your video will appear on all profiles which are following that person.

This feature can enhance users’ interactions and make your video viral which may not be possible without having the repost option.

How to enable Repost on tiktok

By default Repost is enabled already on all of your tiktok videos. You will not have to enable it yourself. But if you are using old and un-updated tiktok app then you should certainly update it to get the repost button on your videos.

Another reason why repost is missing is that you may have disabled the feature by mistake. In this case open your tiktok account and re-enable it.

Note: These options may not work if you are using tiktok on desktop PC or laptop. You need to perform these steps on tiktok app. Another important point is that the option for enabling or disabling Repost feature is missing in the later 2022 and 2023 tiktok app. You may need to downgrade the app before the mid of 2022 for getting the options.
  • Login to your tiktok account on tiktok app.  
  • Tap on “Profile” tab
  • Tap on three horizontal lines
  • Click on “Settings and Privacy” tab
  • Tap on “Privacy” option
  • Scroll down and then toggle on the button in front of “Repost” option. It will enable the repost on all of your tiktok videos.
enable repost on tiktok

Can I enable repost only for particular videos on tiktok?

No, there is no option to do it. You can enable or disable the repost feature but not on particular videos. It will be applied on all videos on your tiktok profile. 

Why is the repost button not showing on my videos?

There can be 2 reasons behind the missing repost button.
Your tiktok app is not updated yet since a year
You may have disabled the feature

Why you may need to disable Repost feature on tiktok

Well! We have talked about enabling the repost button on tiktok in the above discussion but not everyone wants to allow people to repost his tiktok videos. 

If you are one who don’t want to allow people to repost your tiktok then you will look for a way to disable this feature.

It can prevent people from reposting your tiktok. This option is suitable for only the users having a private tiktok account or those who don’t want to get more views and interaction. 

How to remove Repost button on tiktok

The steps are the same for disabling the repost feature as we discussed above. Just:

  • Open tiktok app on your mobile
  • Tap on the “Profile” tab
  • Then Tap on the Hamburger icon. I mean three horizontal lines icon located in the upper right corner
  • Click on “Settings and Privacy” option and then tap on “Privacy” option
  • Under the Safety tab scroll down to locate Repost option. 
Repost enable or disable in settings
  • Tap on the Repost option and toggle of the switch in front of the “Video Reposts” option.
enable or disable repost on tiktok

It will disable the feature.

Can I remove Repost button from some of my tiktok videos?

No, You can’t remove it from some of your videos because it will either work on all or on no video. If you disable the repost then it will be disabled for all of your tiktok video.