Can you see when a playlist was made on Spotify – Is there any option to do this

If you are an audio lover and like to listen to podcasts, live audio streams and music then you will come across Spotify. Spotify is a famous platform which can be used for listening to audio content. You can make playlists on it and add your favorite audio content, take part in live audio streams and listen to music.

According to the stats of 2022 it had 256 Million active users and this stat is increasing day after day. Spotify is not only the platform which is used for sharing and hearing audio content. There are many alternatives to it available on the web. 

You can create playlists on Spotify and make these playlists public but what to say when someone asks how to check when a playlist on Spotify was made. Currently, you can’t see when a Spotify playlist was made but you can make an accurate guess by checking when the first song was added in that playlist.

To check this login Spotify account on a desktop PC or laptop >> type the name of the playlist >> open playlist >> scroll down and check out the date when the first song was added.

Let’s check if there are some other options available for us to see Spotify playlist creation date.

Finding the playlist creation date on Spotify website

Sometimes, we might want to see the date when a playlist was created on Spotify and look for the creation date but as Spotify does not have such an option that is why we can’t see when a specific playlist was created but we can try out different methods for confirming creation date.  

Types of playlists on Spotify

There are different types of playlists on Spotify which are categorized as:

  • Podcast playlists: these types of playlists are created by creators to showcase podcasts on specific topics.
  • Personal playlists: are the playlists which are created and managed by a single person based on personal interests.
  • Algorithmic playlists: these are the playlists which are created by an automated Spotify algorithm and these playlists include discover weekly and daily mix of the songs.
  • Editorial playlists: these playlists are created and managed by Spotify’s own team.
  • Collaborative playlists: These types of playlists are controlled with multiple collaborators.
  • Event playlists: are specified to specific events on Spotify.

Updating Spotify playlists will help you to continuously get a good engagement ratio on Spotify and that is why you should update playlists on Spotify by adding new songs.

Using third party tools:

You can find out the detailed information of a Spotify playlist with the help of third party apps. There are different third party applications on the internet which provide this type of detailed information but some of these are paid applications.

I found an app but it was asking me for the pro version for getting detailed stats. You can check it out: Spotify stats

Can Spotify tell

Spotify does not have any built-in option which enables its users to see the date when a playlist was created. However, if you open your Spotify account on spotify website then you can easily see when a song was added to a playlist or when that playlist was updated.       

Making guess

This is the good option which I use. You can easily make a guess about the creation date of a playlist on Spotify by checking when the first song was added to that playlist. This process is quite simple:

  • Loggin to your Spotify account on Spotify site
  • In the search bar, type the name of the playlist and open that playlist
  • When you open the playlist it will show you all songs along with the date when a specific song was added to the playlist.

Most of the people add a song or more while creating a playlist on Spotify. You can see the date when the first song was added in the playlist. It is the date when that specific playlist was created. You can see below the time when I created this example playlist:

Spotify playlist creation date

Can inspect element help

No, Inspect element can’t be used to see the creation date of a playlist. It is used to check the backend HTML format of the site and it can not be used for this purpose.


Can I view the creation date of a shared playlist on Spotify?

Yes! You can view the creation date of a shared playlist on Spotify.
 For this you have to open that shared playlist and copy the link of the playlist.
Paste the link on a browser e.g Chrome.
Add “/metadata” at the end of the URL and hit enter.
A new page will be open and you will be able to see the date.
This method will not work on mobile devices so you should try it on desktop or laptop.

Can I sort spotify playlist by date?

You can open spotify app and then open the playlist >> tap on the “Sort” option located in the upper right corner >> tap on the “Recently added” option. It will sort the playlist in an order of date. However, Spotify itself orders all songs from new on the top and old on the bottom of the playlist.

Can I see the creation date of the list even if it was created before I created my account on Spotify?

Yes, you can make a guess about the creation date of the playlist by checking when the first song was added to it. It does not have to do anything with your account creation.