Can you see which private account liked your tweets on twitter – Is there any legit option for us

It is a very crucial part of a progressive account to have a look on its followers. Twitter, like other social media platforms, provides a number of features and options to keep an eye on its followers and most of the features are not built-in. 

Twitter, being a famous social media platform, has a lot of users. You can make a tweet on Twitter and other people can like and share that tweet. 

Private accounts are also allowed on Twitter which enables a user to hide its tweets from a specified audience with further more features. 

If an account is not private and it has liked your tweet then you can see who has liked your tweet but if the account is private then you can’t directly find out who liked your tweets. 

In this blog post we will talk about the ways to see which private account liked your tweets.  

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Twitter privacy settings and private accounts

Even Twitter is a public social sharing platform but it also gives the option to make an account private. On ordinary, tweets and content shared by a public account will be accessible to anyone on twitter but if you want to choose your audience and limit it then you can set different privacy settings for this. 

Tweets tweeted by a private account will only be visible for your followers. Here is how you can apply further privacy options:

  • To make your account private on Twitter you have to login on Twitter app
  • Tap on three dot icon and then select “Settings and privacy”
  • Scroll down and find out “Audience and tagging”. Tap on this option.
  • Click on the “Protect your tweets” option and confirm that you need a private account.

Further if you want to change your audience from public to protected then you can also select this option in privacy settings and you don’t need to have a private Twitter account for this. 

Further you can control who can tag you in different posts to avoid public interaction. 

limitations of seeing private accounts likes on Twitter

There is no direct option available for you to see likes on Twitter by a private account but you can try out different tricks for this:

alternative method for tracking follower’s engagement on Twitter

Here we have some options that may be helpful for you:

Using analytics and insights

You can use Twitter analytics and insights to see the engagement of private and public Twitter accounts with your tweets. 

You can monitor the number of impressions, likes and clicks but you can’t see which private Twitter account liked your tweets unless you become an approved follower by that account.

Third party tools for insights

There are different apps and tools available on the internet which assures you for performing such activities but it is not a good idea to rely on an unauthentic source. You should make sure that the application is secure and safe to use before using it.

 Twitter notifications on when a private account likes your tweet

Twitter notifies you when a private account on Twitter likes your tweet but you can’t see that account. 

Well! You can make a guess about it.

Asking private account users

The best way for you to see likes on your tweet by a private Twitter account user, is to become an approved follower of that account. 

You can send a follow request to the account owner and then you can see what you want. 


How to see who liked my tweet without logging in?

Without a logged in account on Twitter you can only see public tweets and posts but you can’t see who liked your tweets. For this you will have to login to your account.

Why can’t I see all my likes on twitter?

You can’t see all likes on your tweet because some people who have liked your tweets are using private accounts. You can’t see unless they become your followers.

How to see private account following on twitter?

 You can’t see as Twitter does not provide such an option however:
You can ask people who are already following you 
You can use a third party app
You can check out follower list to notice changings
You can check out that person’s account personally to make sure or you can ask him