How to see hidden followers on Twitter – Is there any legit way for you

All social media platforms provide privacy features for its users and that is the reason why popular social media platforms provide full transparency.

Twitter, does, also provide full transparency to its users and that is the reason why you can’t follow someone on Twitter anonymously. But what we can say about the myths! Myths are just myths! There can be multiple reasons why you are not able to see all of your followers on Twitter.

In this blog post we will learn about hidden followers on Twitter and find out why we are unable to see hidden followers on Twitter and what can be the reason. 

Let’s talk about how we can see hidden followers on Twitter.

Hidden followers on Twitter – What they are!

Hidden followers are the followers who are stalking through your profile without following you and you are not able to see them. Twitter itself does not provide such a feature to its users but there are some third party tools on the internet which claim to look at private accounts.

As I was reading an article on IStaunch which was giving an opportunity for viewing private Twitter accounts. There are many other platforms which claim to do such activities.

Some reasons why you are unable to see all of your followers on Twitter include:

  • Spammy account: Some people make spam accounts to hover in the activities of other accounts and it is against the privacy of the Twitter and that is why Twitter removes such accounts.
  • Technical issues: Technical issues are very common and it can prevent your account from showing all of your followers. As we have discussed how technical issues can cause stucked follower count on tiktok
  • Privacy settings: If someone has set his profile to private then you will not be able to see their profile unless you become an approved follower.
  • Suspended Twitter accounts: It is obvious that such accounts will not be your followers anymore.

Effect of having hidden followers on your account

As we have already discussed, Twitter itself does not allow anyone to see anyone’s Tweets anonymously and the third party applications, if there are any, used for this purpose are also against the policy of Twitter. 

But if many of your followers are gone on private account then it can cause:

  • Low visibility of your Tweets as many of your previous followers will not be able to see those tweets.
  • Low engagement due to less number of followers count.
  • Decreased credibility.  

Ways to see hidden followers on Twitter

It is not possible for you to see all followers which are in the hidden followers list however we can try out different techniques to do that and see some of our hidden followers:

Asking the people who are already following you 

You can make a plan for a public announcement to your followers on Twitter and ask them to tell you if there are any accounts on Twitter which are following you while hiding their identities.

Running such a campaign can help you a lot in making a list of your hidden followers or you can request them also to follow your account in a legit way.

Using third party apps

We can’t say whether the stats of such third party tools are accurate or not but these third party applications claim to show you all of your hidden followers on Twitter.

It is also not safe to rely on such tools as these tools can steal your personal information and it is also against the policies of Twitter. I will not recommend you to do this but after all it is up to you.

Monitoring followers and follow list on Twitter

You should try fixing technical issues which may cause wrong follower count. For this purpose you can update your app, log in again and load your follow list, clear cache for the app or contact Twitter support team. 

Personally check the person’s account

You can check the account of the person to make sure if that person has a private account or using any third party app to do this. You can ask for checking the cell phone of that person and then check it out if that person gives you permission. 

In the privacy section on Twitter, you will see a padlock icon beside the username if the account is private.

Alas to say! This method will be too difficult to try out.


Can I see list of all hidden followers on Twitter?

Twitter does not allow anyone to follow someone while having a hidden account. All of your followers are apparent in the follow list. But if someone has hidden his account by switching account to private mode then you can’t see them as there is no built in option in Twitter which allows you to do so.
But you can try out different methods discussed above.

What will happen if someone hides my account on Twitter?

If someone sets his account to private mode then his tweets and profile will be visible to only those who are following that person. Anyone outsider from the public will not be able to see the account and its tweets.

Can I hide who I follow on Twitter?

Yes! Twitter allows you to hide your follow list. You can either make your profile private for this purpose or you can set a private listing on Twitter and make your follow list hidden from others.