How to check your highest streak on Snapchat – here is how longest streak looks like

Different social media platforms give different ways for entertaining their users. Like, Facebook and Instagram gives you a way to share your posts to your friends and they can see, like and comment on what you share with them. Similarly, tiktok gives you a feature for sharing short video content. But we will not talk about such features. 

In this article, we will talk about Snapchat streaks. Especially, we will find the way to see highest streak on Snapchat.

Snapchat streak is a unique feature which, in my opinion, is different from all other features available in different social media platforms.

In simple, you can check your highest Snapchat streak by accessing Snapchat streak page, searching the friend’s profile or through snap map. Let’s discuss all these options in details.  

Snapchat streaks – What you need to know

It is an amazing feature which looks like a fun and game on Snapchat. In simple sense, you start sharing your snaps with your friends and these snaps may contain pictures or short videos. 

When you share snaps with your friend for some days then its number is counted and this number will increase by one each day. If you miss or forget to share a snap to your friend for a day then you will have to start it again from the beginning.

It is important for your friend to send you a streak back to continue this number.

How to make and send snap streaks?

It is very easy to make and send streaks to your friends:

  • First of all, open you Snapchat
  • Tap on the center Camera icon
  • Take a snap by tapping on the centre icon. You can either take a single photo or you can make a video. Add background sound in the video and edit photos and videos that you have taken. 
  • When you think that you have edited your video properly and it is ready for sharing then you can tap on the send button to start a streak with your friend.
  • When you will tap on “Send” option, it will show you names of all your friends. Tap on the name of your friend you want to start streak. Send the snap.
sending streak
  • Now your snap is sent to your friend. If your friend sends you a snap in response to your snap in 24 hours then your snap streak will start. 

Who can see your snap streaks?

When you start snap streak with your friend then only you and your friend will be able to see the streaks. No one other can see your streaks.

In general snap streak shows your level of friendship with your friends and it also shows how active you and your friend are on Snapchat.

How to check your highest streak on Snapchat?

You can easily see your highest streak on Snapchat. In general, it shows a number beside the name of your friend aside flame emoji. Your highest number is showing you highest streak. There are some ways you can see it:

Using Snap streak page

It is quite easy to see your highest snap streak using snap streak page. You have to open Snapchat. After that go to the Camera page and swipe down on this page. When you will swipe down it will show you a gear icon in the corner.

Tap on this icon and open settings. Scroll down on this page and tap on “SnapStreaks” option. Here you will be able to see all of your snap streaks with your friends and it will also show you your highest streak count along with the name of your friend.  

In the Chats section

You can also see your highest Snapstreak in the “chats” section. You have to tap on “Chat” icon in the bottom corner. Here you will see your friend’s name and a number appearing besides a flame emoji which shows the number of consecutive days you and your friend are having snapstreaks. Here is how it looks like:

highest snap streak

Snap map can also be helpful

This feature will be helpful only if you and your friend have enabled location sharing with each other on Snapchat. 

For this tap on “Map” icon in your snapchat. On this page tap on your friend’s bitmoji and then tap on the fire icon to see the count. 

What if you get a full year of snap streak?

You will not get a reward for this but it will be interesting to see if someone has a 365 days count of Snapstreak. You can impress your friends with it and make a record but it will not pay you back anything. 

What will happen if my friend does not send me a back streak in 24 hours?

For example, if you and your friend have been having snapstreak for past 100 days but one day he does not send you a streak back then you will have to start it again.

What is the longest Snapstreak ever?

Snapstreak feature was added in the Snapchat on 6th of April in 2015. At the time when I am writing this blog post, it has been around 8 years which means that highest record of the time can be 2900 days.