How to make reels on Facebook from photos and pictures in an easy way 

Reels are good for increasing your followers as YouTube shorts are used for increasing subscribers. You can make and share reels on both Facebook and Instagram. You can also enable cross sharing feature of Meta so that you can cross share your reels on both platforms.

You can either make reels on Facebook by picking a background sound from anyone’s reel or you can make your own short video and share it as a Facebook reel from your gallery. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how to create reels from photos on Facebook. In simple, you have to collect the right images for your reel and a background sound. After you have collected these things then you can merge them all to make a reel.

Making Facebook reels from photos

There are several ways for you to make reels from photos. For example you can make a short reel on a video editor and then you can upload it to your social media account as a reel on Facebook or Instagram.

On the other hand you can use Facebook for making reels from pictures. We will discuss both of these methods.

Collecting related images

This is the first thing that you have to do. You have to collect all images related to your video. You can either capture your own images or you can collect from royalty free sources. When you have downloaded all the related images then you can move to the next step. 

Importing and editing the photos to make a reel

Now we will import all of our images so that we can make a video. We can either use an editing app like CapCut or we can use Facebook for this.

We will use Facebook for this. It is very easy:

  • You just have to open your Facebook app on mobile.
  • Tap on the profile icon and then in the main menu tap on “Reels”.
  • Now open a reel video whose sound you want to use in your reel or open a saved reel sound. For example you are scrolling reels and then you find an interesting background reel music then click on the “Background music” icon which will be highlighted as “Try it”.
  • On the next page tap on “Use audio” button which is located on the center of the bottom of this page.
  • It will take you to the editor page. Now tap on the “import images” icon located in the bottom left corner and then select multiple images that you want to use in the reel.
importing photos for reel
  • Once all of your photos are imported then you can add transitions and effects. You can also change the duration of these images. 
  • After completing all editing, tap on “Done”. You can also add text stickers and transitions on images. Then click on “Next”. 
editing reel
  • Here add description text and tags. After that you can post it on Facebook by tapping on “Share Now” option.  
sharing reel on facebook and instagram

Professional editing 

If you want to edit your video on a video editor then you can import your photos in Capcut app and then edit the video. It is a time taking process to tell you how you can edit on this application but you can read this descriptive blog post for this: CapCut video editing

After editing your video you can post it on Facebook by exporting it.

Posting the reel on Facebook

Open your Gallery or media player where you have stored that video. Tap on the video and then click on three dots in the upper right corner >> click on “Share” option >> select “Facebook reels” option >> tap on “Next” and then add description and tags to your video. You can further edit your video here. After that click on “Share now” to post your reel. For cross sharing on Instagram you should make sure that your Instagram is attached with your Facebook account. 

sharing reel from phone

Using editor on Facebook reels to make reels from photos

This built-in editor does not provide much features but these features are enough to make reels from picture. These editing features are:

  • Audio: You can change loudness of background audio, add music and voiceover using this feature.
  • Add text option: to add text, you can set speech for that text, set timer on the text.
  • Stickers: To add stickers and overlay shapes with large variation of colours and on screen timer.
  • Edit tab: You can find options under this tab including Add, Replace, Speed, Crop, Mirror and Reverse.

Can I edit my Reels on Facebook?

Yes! Facebook gives you option to edit reels on Facebook app similar to tiktok. You can also upload pre-edited videos as reels from the gallery.

Is there a music library for Facebook reels?

You can use other’s sound and music in your Facebook reels. You can also store reels sounds for later use and use those sounds in your reels on Facebook.