Venmo search not working – Here is how you can fix it easily 

There are many options for online payments apps but if you are already a user of Venmo then you know why it is unique and different from other payment apps.

Venmo is a social payment app which gives you opportunity to add your friends on this app and manage and view transactions in a social feed format as you can do on Facebook. 

Its user friendly environment makes it easy to use and helps its users in instant transfer of money without any fees for basic transactions. 

It is also beneficial when you already have a PayPal account. Being a PayPal partner it allows you to integrate Venmo and PayPal which further helps in transfer of money.

Being a social money transfer app it has many features which you can find in other social media platforms but not in any other payment application. Some of its features include Social Feed, Friends list, sharing comments and bitmojis, payment request feature and making transactions public or private etc. 

We will not discuss its features in details but we will talk about the issue why Venmo search feature is not working and how you can fix it. Let’s start.

here is why Venmo search is not working

There can be any of the reason responsible for this issue and some of these reasons may include:

  • Technical issue in the app
  • App is not up to date
  • Cache problem
  • Slow internet connection
  • Incorrect search
  • Account issue

These are some common problems which may cause the problem in search on Venmo.

Fixing Venmo search not working

When you search for the name of a user in the searchbox then a message appears as “No matches found”, even if your search username is right. You confirm that you have entered the right username but the problem remains still then you can move on to these fixes. You can check for these issues one by one and fix it. What you have to do is:

Make sure your search query is right

First of all you should be confident enough whether your search is right or not. If you are searching on Venmo in the right way but still results are not showing then you should try anyone else’s Venmo account to search the same person. If it shows results then it is clear that the problem is within your  Venmo app.

Fix Unstable internet connection

Sometimes a slow internet connection can prevent the search results from loading and it is not a new thing. This problem is very common. You can switch your internet connection to another one and try loading the page. If it does not work then move to the next step.

Clearing App cache 

You can either clear the app cache in the app or from the settings of your phone. For this: open the settings of your phone >> go to “Apps and Notifications” >> click on “App management” >> tap on “Venmo” app >> click on “Storage” option >> tap on “clear cache” to clean the cache of Venmo app. 

clearing venmo cache

Try updating the app

If any of the above two methods don’t solve your problem then you should update your Venmo app. Just open Venmo app on PlayStore and tap on “Update app” if there is any update available. It will fix Venmo search issue but if the problem persists then you should try the next fix.

Contacting Venmo support

If no one out of the above steps work then you should contact venmo support but you should make it sure that the problem is not due to any technical glitch. Sometimes the problem is same for all users and it can be due to malfunctioning of the app. 

If it is not the case then you should try contacting Venmo support as a last resort. For this: tap on three horizontal lines icon >> “Get Help” >> click on “Browse our FAQs” for checking FAQs and “Contact us” for contacting. Here you will see options: email us, chat with us and call us. Select one option and explain your issue.

Reinstalling Venmo application

I am sure any of the above steps will fix your problem but if it is not solved yet then you should Reinstall Venmo app because it is the last solution and I am sure you will not have to do this if you try all of the above steps.


I think it will help you to solve your problem and you will be able to get Venmo search back as it was before.